Multi Camera Dash Cam for Trucks

Multi-Camera Dash Cam for Trucks

Date Time: June 27, 2024
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Multi Camera Dash Cam for Trucks

YUWEI is a manufacturer of multi-camera dash cams for trucks. Below is an introduction to our product features. We are located in Shenzhen, China. You are welcome to visit and communicate with us. You can view our production environment and products on site and have face-to-face communication with our technical staff.


Multi Camera Dash Cam for Trucks

Features of Multi-Camera Dash Cam for Trucks

The multi-camera dash cam has the following features:

1. Comprehensive Monitoring: Equipped with front, rear, side, and interior cameras, it provides 360-degree coverage, ensuring a full view without blind spots.

2. HD Recording and Storage: The cameras support 1080P HD recording, ensuring video clarity, and store footage locally (e.g., SD card) or in the cloud.

3. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS): ADAS monitors driver behavior, such as lane departure and forward collision warnings, providing real-time alerts to prevent accidents.

4. Driver State Monitoring (DSM): The DSM system detects driver fatigue and distraction, providing timely alerts to ensure driving safety.

5. Device Connectivity and Remote Monitoring: Through 4G and WiFi connections, fleet managers can remotely view real-time vehicle status for effective management and dispatch.

6. Global Positioning System: Integrated with GPS and Beidou (BDS) positioning systems, it provides accurate vehicle positioning and tracking.

7. Event-Triggered Recording: Automatically triggers and marks recordings during sudden braking, collisions, and other abnormal events, facilitating post-event review and analysis.


Benefits of Multi-Camera Dash Cam for Trucks

1. Enhanced Driving Safety: Comprehensive HD monitoring reduces visual blind spots, lowering the likelihood of accidents.

2. Cargo Security: Interior monitoring prevents cargo theft or damage, providing a complete record of the transportation process.

3. Optimized Driving Behavior: By monitoring and correcting driver behavior through ADAS and DSM systems, it reduces violations and accidents.

4. Transparent Accident Handling: Provides HD recordings of accident scenes, helping to reconstruct the incident, clarify responsibility, and simplify insurance claims.

5. Improved Management Efficiency: Through remote monitoring and GPS/BDS positioning, fleet managers can track vehicle status in real-time, optimize dispatch, and increase operational efficiency.


Applications of Multi-Camera Dash Cam for Trucks

The multi-camera dash cam is suitable for various vehicles that require efficient management and safety monitoring, especially:

1. Long-Haul Freight Trucks: Enhances safety and efficiency in long-distance transportation, ensuring cargo security.

2. Urban Delivery Vehicles: Ensures driving safety and cargo integrity during urban deliveries.

3. Hazardous Material Transport Vehicles: Strictly monitors the transport of hazardous materials, ensuring safety.

4. Cold Chain Transport Vehicles: Monitors temperature and cargo safety during cold chain transport, ensuring product quality.

5. Public Transport Vehicles: Ensures the safety of passengers and drivers, optimizing driving behavior.

6. Rental Company Vehicles: Monitors rental vehicles to prevent misuse and damage.

7. Individual Truck Drivers: Protects personal safety and records important information during driving.


Hardware Components of Multi-Camera Dash Cam for Trucks

1. Cameras: Front, rear, side, and interior cameras, supporting 1080P HD recording, providing comprehensive monitoring.

2. Mobile DVR: Handles video processing, storage, and transmission, integrated with GPS, BDS, 4G, and WiFi modules for connectivity and precise positioning.

3. In-Vehicle Display: Installed in the cab, it displays real-time footage from all cameras, making it convenient for the driver to view.

4. Storage Devices: Such as SD cards or hard drives, for storing HD video data, supporting large capacity and loop recording.

5. Power System: Provides stable power supply to ensure continuous operation of the equipment during vehicle operation.

6. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS): Includes lane departure warning, forward collision warning, and other functions to improve driving safety.

7. Driver State Monitoring System (DSM): Monitors the driver's state in real-time, providing timely alerts for fatigue and distraction.


The application of multi-camera dash cams in trucks not only enhances driving and cargo safety but also significantly improves fleet management efficiency, making it an indispensable tool in the modern logistics and transportation industry.

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