4G obd gps tracker makes it easy to manage your fleet

Date Time: October 08, 2023
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4G obd gps tracker B6

The Yuwei 4G OBD GPS tracker B6 is a new generation of economically practical satellite positioning vehicle-mounted wireless terminal. It has two RS232 serial ports and supports GPS/GLONASS positioning monitoring, 4G network communication, voice calls, and car driving recorder functions. 

4G obd gps tracker  B6

It is widely used in the fields of car rental, fleet management, logistics, etc.

Our advanced 4G OBD GPS tracker is easy to install and can be directly inserted into your vehicle's OBD port, providing real-time location updates and advanced security features to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Through 4G connection, our OBD GPS tracker provides lightning-fast data transmission speed and reliable network coverage, ensuring that you always have access to the latest location information. In addition, our device is equipped with a range of advanced security features, including tamper alerts and geofencing, allowing you to have full control over vehicle movement and ensuring that you are always aware of what's happening.

Our OBD GPS car tracker is ideal for anyone who wants to closely monitor their vehicle's location and ensure its safety. Whether you're a parent with new teenage drivers or a business owner with a fleet, our device provides the advanced features and reliable performance you need to stay connected to your vehicles at all times.

Real-time tracking

Upload latitude and longitude information at regular intervals.

Blind zone data upload

The device stores position data of network blind zones and uploads the data when GSM signal is good.

Deformation data upload

When the direction angle of the device changes by more than a certain angle, it immediately uploads a position data to optimize the trajectory.

Plug-out alert

An alert is automatically issued when the device is removed.

Basic driving behavior monitoring

Supports uploading rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration, and sharp turn alarms to the server.

SMS inquiry

Send "WHERE#" through SMS or platform to obtain latitude and longitude, current time, speed, ACC status, and Google map link.

Speeding alarm

Set the maximum speed value on the platform or through SMS. When the GPS speed exceeds this value, the device will upload an alarm to the server.

Standard OBD connector

Applicable to various car models in the market, easy to install, and plug-and-play.

4G OBD GPS tracker features

• Vehicle monitoring: GSM/GPS status indicator to indicate terminal online and positioning status, with features such as timed and distance-based data transmission, event-triggered data upload, zone setting, vehicle mileage statistics, blind zone data compensation, and trajectory storage.

• Voice and call functions: Hands-free telephone and voice prompt in the vehicle.

• Remote listening: Send a listening command from the center to the vehicle, and the vehicle terminal will automatically answer the center's listening number, enabling the monitoring of in-vehicle sound.

• Zero power consumption: After the ACC is turned off, the terminal can be power-off remotely, stopping the terminal from working and achieving zero power consumption.

• Battery protection function: After the vehicle is turned off, the terminal detects the battery voltage. If the voltage is lower than the preset value (adjustable), the terminal will immediately disconnect the main power supply to effectively protect the battery and avoid over-discharge.

• Vehicle alarm function: Various alarm types are supported, such as emergency alarm, illegal movement alarm, low voltage alarm, overspeed alarm, overspeed warning, GPS failure alarm, etc. Various alarms can be enabled or disabled.

• Signal detection and control: 7 signal inputs and 1 output. Intelligent and forced fuel and power cutoff function.

• Multiple center access: The terminal supports two remote connections, namely the main monitoring center and the backup monitoring center.

• Cloud guardian function: Supports remote upgrade, remote fault diagnosis and debugging, remote parameter query and configuration, terminal operation statistics, and other remote "cloud" guardian functions."

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