Car Cab Camera for trucks Manufacturer

Date Time: September 16, 2023
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Yuwei "V5" is a 24-hour Car Cab Camera for trucks, installed in the cab of the truck to monitor the picture and sound in the cab.

Installation method: It is installed on the upper right side of the co-pilot.

Car Cab Camera for trucks Manufacturer

*Reminder: There may be multiple versions of the same model product, and there may be differences between different versions of the product (including functional parameters, LOGO design, appearance details, product information, etc.), please refer to the actual product.

Features of Yuwei Car Cab Camera for trucks:

- Supports infrared function, with a night vision distance of up to 5 meters.

- Built-in microphone for real-time audio recording.

- Protection class IP67.

Car Cab Camera for trucks is mainly used in the driver monitoring system. The driver monitoring system is a new camera-based system designed to monitor the driver's alertness. It can not only identify the driver but also check the driver's alertness. The purpose of the system is to alert the driver if it detects that the driver is drowsy or distracted. The system also has other application functions, such as driver recognition and control functions through the eyes. These improvements will help enhance safety features and make using a new generation of driver assistance features more intuitive.

The vehicle is equipped with a camera built into the dashboard, aimed at the driver's face. The system has the following functions:

1. Identifies the driver, allowing the vehicle to automatically restore its preferences and settings based on the driver.

2. Monitors the driver's fatigue level and alerts the driver if potential drowsiness is detected.

3. Supervises the driver to ensure they keep their eyes on the road and remain attentive to any dangerous situations.

4. Automatically selects HMI (Human-Machine Interface) areas using eye tracking, highlighting functions, and guiding the user interface.

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