CCTV Surveillance System for Cash Transport

CCTV Surveillance System for Cash Transport Vehicles

Date Time: July 02, 2024
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CCTV Surveillance System for Cash Transport

With rapid economic development and accelerated currency circulation, the transport of cash by banks has become a demanding task. Cash transportation plays a crucial role in the circulation of funds within banks, and enhancing real-time supervision of transport vehicles is a key aspect of security work. To better prevent malicious crimes against transport vehicles, such as robberies, various regions have strengthened internal prevention and external vigilance. They have proposed the need for real-time GPS/video remote monitoring and video evidence collection for transport vehicles.


Addressing the shortcomings of current transport vehicles, a solution is proposed through an intelligent monitoring system for transport vehicles. Smart surveillance cameras installed on the vehicles collect data, which is analyzed using AI and big data techniques to monitor the entire operation of the transport vehicle, ensuring security.

CCTV Surveillance System for Cash Transport

Before Departure:

- Facial Recognition: Prior to departure, facial recognition technology captures and compares the driver's face with the system's database. Only when the identity matches can the vehicle be started, preventing unauthorized personnel from driving and ensuring property security.


- Electronic Fence: Before departure, predefined routes and checkpoints are set up. Any deviation or failure to reach designated points triggers immediate alerts in the monitoring system.


During Transport:

- Route Tracking: Vehicles equipped with BeiDou/GPS positioning devices display real-time movement on electronic maps at the monitoring center, ensuring secure travel routes. Historical trajectory playback is stored in the cloud for easy review and tracking.


- 360° Surround View: Using four wide-angle cameras installed around the vehicle, an AI-processed 360-degree panoramic view is transmitted in real time to the intelligent Android screen at the control center. This enhances driver awareness of surrounding conditions, improving vehicle safety.


- Onboard Monitoring: ADAS and blind spot cameras provide real-time alerts to drivers regarding close proximity to objects, pedestrians, obstacles, and right turns, thus reducing accidents during transit.


- Safe Driving Behavior: Driver State Monitoring (DSM) devices analyze risky behaviors, providing alerts, alarms, and capturing images or videos to enhance driving safety. Data is promptly uploaded to the monitoring center.


Upon Arrival at Banks:

- Interior Monitoring: When vehicles stop for unloading valuable items, cargo compartment cameras monitor operations inside the vehicle. Video feeds are transmitted to the cloud in real time for continuous monitoring and archival purposes.


- Emergency Alerts: Vehicles are equipped with emergency alert systems. In case of accidents, the emergency button triggers alerts sent directly to the monitoring center, allowing remote control measures such as engine and power cutoff to stop vehicle movement.


Monitoring Center:

Throughout the transport process, data, audio, images, and videos are promptly uploaded to the monitoring center for storage and archiving. In addition to foundational services, the center offers reporting and big data analytics capabilities, providing decision-making data to senior management and operational analysis for fleet managers, thus enhancing safety and operational efficiency.


Cash Transport Vehicle Surveillance Equipment

China YUWEI offers solutions for CCTV surveillance systems for cash transport vehicles, making your transport operations safer, more convenient, and smarter.

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