Dash Cam with front collision avoidance System

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Date Time: December 22, 2023
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Dash Cam with front collision avoidance System

Ensuring road safety is crucial for businesses, especially considering the unprecedented importance of protecting drivers and vehicles today. Our AI dashcam, the "V5," provides robust support for fleets, becoming an indispensable asset for both light vehicles and commercial truck fleets.

One of the key features of this dashcam is its Front Collision Avoidance System, which integrates cameras, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to detect and prevent potential collisions, whether with other vehicles or pedestrians.

Dash Cam with front collision avoidance System

Operation of the Front Collision Avoidance System:

During the installation process, we calibrate the AI dashcam by inputting various vehicle measurement data. Once calibrated, the AI dashcam continuously monitors the surrounding environment through its front-facing camera, determining the vehicles position, speed, and the movement of other vehicles and objects on the road.

The artificial intelligence system continually assesses the risk of potential collisions through algorithms that consider factors such as distance, relative speed, and trajectory. It combines this data with stored vehicle measurements and buffer zones to calculate collision threats.

When the AI dashcam identifies an imminent collision, it issues collision warnings to the driver through sound alerts, visual warnings, and seat vibrations.

Limitations of the Collision Avoidance System:

While collision avoidance technology represents an innovative solution for enhancing safety, it faces challenges related to unpredictable driver behavior, such as sudden lane changes or aggressive driving, leading to potential false threat alerts and collision assessments.

We are eagerly anticipating the continued development of this technology and its impact on enhancing driver and vehicle protection. For more information about our dashcam, please refer to Fleet dash cam;


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