​MDVR Camera Systems

The best ​MDVR Camera Systems

Date Time: December 22, 2023
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​MDVR Camera Systems

As enterprise commercial vehicle fleets increasingly prioritize the health of drivers and vehicles, finding comprehensive solutions to address safety and visibility issues has become more crucial than ever. The YUWEI team has been dedicated to creating a new fleet solution that integrates our impressive Smart AI Dashcam and the innovative MDVR (Mobile Digital Video Recording) camera system.

Combining our Smart AI Dashcam with the MDVR solution achieves a 360-degree panoramic view of the vehicle. The forward and driver-facing AI cameras of our Smart AI Dashcam work in tandem with up to 8 strategically placed cameras in the MDVR system, providing remarkable visibility for both drivers and vehicles. This solution comes with real-time video streaming and GPS tracking features.

Mdvr camera system

The introduction of the MDVR system is driven by its functionality and customizability, crucial for minimizing blind spots and enhancing safety during vehicle maneuvering. The large storage capacity allows for recording several weeks of video, offering substantial benefits for vehicles with heavy-duty or large towing assets.

MDVR Camera Systems Features

AI Forward-Facing Dashcam:

Analyzes the road ahead, detects obstacles, pedestrians, and other vehicles, issuing real-time warnings to drivers to prevent accidents.

Driver-Facing AI Camera:

Monitors signs of driver fatigue or distraction, immediately alerting the driver and fleet manager when detected, promoting safer driving practices.

Real-Time Remote Access:

All camera video sources are accessible remotely in real-time, providing fleet managers with greater visibility to ensure compliance with safety policies.

GPS Tracking:

Offers accurate location data, route history, and geofencing options, enabling fleet managers to optimize routes, track deliveries, and ensure vehicles are in the right locations.

Case Study

One of our clients in the transportation industry faced challenges monitoring the loading and unloading of tires on their freight trucks to enhance safety, productivity, and delivery verification. The MDVR camera solution proved highly suitable for their needs. By strategically placing cameras to cover the front, driver, pallets, and rear of the truck, including an in-cabin display, drivers could view the rear conditions.

This solution significantly improved the client's overall operational visibility. From the driver's reverse camera to the fleet manager, everyone could remotely monitor the entire loading and unloading process in real-time. By combining GPS tracking and camera evidence, precise delivery verification was achieved, leading to cost reduction. Additionally, fatigue and distraction monitoring through the driver-facing AI camera enhanced driver safety.


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