The Best Dash Cam with Night Vision

The Best Dash Cam with Night Vision

Date Time: January 27, 2024
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Author: YUWEI

The Best Dash Cam with Night Vision

Introducing the YUWEI Dash Cam from China, equipped with proactive safety features: fatigue driving, yawning detection, phone use, smoking, lens obstruction, lane departure, close proximity to the front vehicle, and forward collision danger alarms.

Dash Cam with Night Vision

Video Features: Utilizing H.264 video compression technology for real-time monitoring of 9 channels, with optional resolutions of 1080P/720P, timed recording, event recording, and alarm recording functions.

Storage: Supports 1*HDD/SSD and 2*SD cards for large-capacity image storage, utilizing a proprietary file format with strong error correction to ensure the security of video and data files in a vehicular environment.

Image Transmission: Real-time transmission of monitoring video via 3G/4G wireless networks, dual-stream transmission with adjustable rates. Supports uploading snapshots and alarm images.

Multimedia Analysis: Utilizes multimedia driving record analysis software for 4-channel audio-visual synchronous playback, conditional playback, character overlay, GPS information overlay, and event analysis and record extraction functions.

Vehicle GPS Monitoring: Automatic monitoring and positioning, GPS mileage statistics, vehicle mileage statistics, blind spot supplement reporting, trajectory storage, and base station-assisted positioning.

Alarm Functions: Emergency alarm, parking timeout alarm, overspeed alarm, overspeed warning, fatigue driving alarm, power loss, low battery alarm, GPS malfunction alarm, GPS antenna short circuit alarm, and more.

Voice and Communication: Hands-free phone, remote listening, voice prompt, and TTS text-to-speech broadcast functions.

Dash Cam Features: Communication information display, vehicle driving information display, information collection and storage, driver identification, parameter settings, data export/import, and data and information printing.

Car CAN Bus: Can be equipped with an internal CAN bus or configured with a car bus controller to achieve functions such as reading vehicle condition data, safety monitoring, fault code uploading, and mileage/fuel consumption collection.

LCD Information Screen: Paired with an LCD display screen for showing location, driving, dispatch, and data information. Buttons for accessing information and menu settings.

Proactive Safety Assistance: Features include fatigue driving detection, yawning detection, phone use detection, smoking detection, lens obstruction alert, lane departure warning, close proximity to the front vehicle alert, and forward collision danger alert.

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