Semi Truck Wireless Camera System

Semi Truck Wireless Camera System

Date Time: January 27, 2024
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Semi Truck Wireless Camera System

The Semi-Truck Wireless Camera System utilizes Mobile DVR along with on-board cameras, displays, sensors, and other hardware to achieve remote information processing and real-time video monitoring of vehicles. The intelligent on-board DVR remains the core of the system, featuring not only smart algorithm modules but also a GPS real-time positioning module that receives signals from global positioning satellites, providing real-time information on the vehicle's location and speed.


Semi Truck Wireless Camera System

At least 5 on-board monitoring cameras are required for a semi-truck, with the following configurations: Cameras 1 and 2 can be placed on the left and right sides of the front of the vehicle respectively, to observe any intrusion or dropping of cargo on both sides of the truck, or monitor loose rocks rolling on the sides of the road. Cameras 3 and 4 are positioned on the front and rear of the truck, with the rear camera monitoring obstacles and the distance to the following vehicle, while also checking if any cargo has fallen on the road. The front camera, in addition to detecting the road conditions, obstacles, and the distance to the front vehicle, also monitors whether the vehicle deviates from the road direction. Camera 5 monitors whether the driver is driving normally, detecting signs of drowsiness, drinking, or fatigue. If any of these cameras detect abnormalities, immediate audio-visual alarms, recording, and display occur, and the information is transmitted to the monitoring center for further processing.


This system is suitable for various vehicles such as forklifts, cranes, lifting equipment, trailers, agricultural machinery, RVs, semi-trailers, and box trucks.


Features of the Semi-Truck Wireless Camera System

1080P HD Wireless On-board Monitoring Cameras: Utilizing a 1080P CMOS image sensor for clear and real-time views around the vehicle, including night vision capabilities for a 24-hour clear field of vision.

Optional Touch Screen: More convenient, simple, and quick control with an optional touch screen that is durable, smooth, and extends the lifespan of the system.

Waterproof: The display monitor has an IP67 waterproof housing with a built-in antenna, ensuring durability and aesthetics. The cameras are also waterproof with an IP67 rating, suitable for driving in rainy, snowy, or foggy conditions.

4-Channel Monitoring System: Multiple display modes, including 4-split, 2-split, and single screen, catering to various monitoring needs and reducing blind spots.

Reversing Cursor: The reversing cursor can be adjusted as needed and is useful for parking and reversing without relying solely on rear-view mirrors.


Features of the Semi-Truck Mobile DVR

  • H.264/H265 video compression format, Linux operating system.

  • Supports 2.5-inch hard drive, maximum 4TB, optional dual storage with SD card and hard drive.

  • 4/8 channels of 720P/1080P real-time recording, synchronized audio recording.

  • Supports timed, triggered, and manual JPEG image capture functions.

  • Two-way voice intercom support.

  • Remote download and playback of recorded data.

  • Encrypted file management system to prevent data loss and storage file damage caused by sudden power outages.

  • Supports pre-recording alarm, motion detection alarm, and alarm linkage.

  • Built-in 4G network, WiFi, GPS/BDS dual-mode real-time positioning module.

  • Supports external expansion, such as LED display, ID card reader (supports card data breakpoint transmission), passenger flow statistics, tire pressure gauge, on-board cameras, etc.

  • Car black box function, recording important information such as speed, location, gravity acceleration, braking, reversing, turning, and alarms.

  • Wide voltage power supply, industrial standard embedded design, military-grade shock reduction technology.


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