Face Recognition Technology

Driver Facial Recognition System

Date Time: January 16, 2024
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Author: ROYI

Face Recognition Technology

Face recognition technology involves collecting dynamic facial images of the driver and converting biological features such as face type, eye spacing, and eyelid type into data features. Intelligent analysis is then performed to identify the driver by comparing the data to registered identity image features. Unregistered identities trigger alerts, activating recording functions to prevent vehicle theft and aid in subsequent investigations.


Driver Facial Recognition System

Automatic Passenger Counting 

Utilizing a monocular camera and deep learning technology, automatic passenger counting achieves real-time identification and motion tracking of people in collected images. This allows for high-accuracy passenger flow statistics, with additional features like camera monitoring and video recording during the process, saving costs on equipment and installation while facilitating subsequent operation and maintenance.


DMS Monitoring

DMS monitoring utilizes multi-layer neural network technology, video image analysis, clustering, and neural network algorithms to real-time monitor abnormal driving behaviors such as fatigue, distraction, smoking, calling, and not wearing a mask. Visual and audio alarms remind drivers to adhere to safe driving practices. The algorithm also supports driver face detection and authentication.


Forward Collision Warning (FCW) Technology

Forward collision warning technology intelligently analyzes the distance and relative speed between vehicles, estimating the potential risk of rear-end collisions. It sends warnings to the driver to prevent accidents.


Lane Departure Warning (LDW) Technology

Lane departure warning technology collects lane information by processing and analyzing driving videos. When a driver shifts lanes without using the signal light, an immediate alarm is triggered to prevent potential accidents caused by lane departure.


Preceding Car Starting Reminder Technology

This technology intelligently detects the distance from the vehicle in front. If the vehicle stays still while the preceding vehicle starts (e.g., at red lights or in traffic jams), an alert is sent to the driver.


Pedestrian Detection (PD) Technology

Pedestrian detection technology, based on deep learning and big data, intelligently detects pedestrians and cyclists in front of the vehicle. It analyzes speed and distance information and triggers an alert when a collision risk is predicted to avoid accidents.


Speed Sign Recognition (SSR) & Over-speed Alarm Technology

Utilizing AI algorithms, speed sign recognition accurately identifies road speed limits and analyzes real-time vehicle speed. When a vehicle exceeds the speed limit, an immediate alarm is triggered to prevent traffic violations or accidents.


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