Fuel Monitoring System for Trucks

Date Time: February 02, 2024
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Development Requirements for Truck GPS Fuel Monitoring System

Are you troubled by the high fuel consumption of your vehicles? Can't follow your vehicles every day? Are managers aware of fuel theft and false fuel reporting? During the use of vehicles, various confusions arise: unclear whereabouts of vehicles, uncontrollable driving routes, low vehicle utilization, and high vehicle expenses with various costs not matching the actual usage (false reporting of tolls, road fees, energy costs). Lack of supervision: vehicle safety issues, frequent misuse of public vehicles, and unauthorized transportation of private goods. The truck fuel monitoring system solves these problems!

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Benefits of the Truck Fuel Monitoring System

GPS Fuel Monitoring: Real-time monitoring of changes in vehicle fuel consumption and generation of historical fuel consumption reports or fuel consumption curve charts. It can intuitively reflect normal and abnormal fuel consumption, as well as insufficient refueling, achieving high-level fuel consumption management.

​Introduction to the Functions of Fuel Consumption Monitoring GPS Positioning Software

1. Accurate positioning of the vehicle's specific location, driving direction, and speed - effective scheduling to ensure timely delivery of goods to their destination;

2. As needed, the travel and trajectory records of the controlled vehicle within the last 60 days can be reviewed - effective analysis, distribution, and scheduling of vehicles;

3. Through GPS dispatch management, long-distance freight vehicles reduce empty driving and detours - improving transportation efficiency;

4. Supervise vehicles, calculate mileage, reduce fuel costs, reduce tolls, and reduce expressway fees - saving transportation costs;

5. All mobile information of controlled vehicles is stored in the control center computer - orderly archiving and easy querying;

6. Effectively supervise the driving route, speed, parking location, and time of the vehicle - control of public vehicle misuse and transportation of private goods;

8. Quickly display vehicle information on electronic maps, view nearby vehicles, and conduct scheduling - improve service quality and customer satisfaction;

9. Mileage, parking time, location, and map information of the vehicle can be printed - facilitate the preparation of reports required by leaders or vehicle management units.

10. Supervision of the rational and irrational consumption of fuel and refueling situations - real-time monitoring of vehicle fuel consumption, curbing waste and loss of public resources.

11. Multi-network collaborative monitoring, mobile APP, web-based vehicle tracking, client-side vehicle tracking - convenient, fast, and automated management.


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Development Requirements for Truck GPS Fuel Monitoring System
Benefits of the Truck Fuel Monitoring System
​Introduction to the Functions of Fuel Consumption Monitoring GPS Positioning Software
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