HD 1080p Car DVR Dash Camera with Night Vision

Date Time: July 20, 2023
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Author: YUWEI

HD 1080p Car DVR Dash Camera with Night Vision

Yuwei's 'car DVR dash cam' adopts the latest H.264/H.265 audio and video compression technology, as well as GPS/Beidou global positioning technology, making it suitable for 24-hour monitoring of various vehicles. The MDVR can be widely used in mobile vehicles such as public transport, long-distance passenger transport, school buses, engineering vehicles, container vehicles, tourist buses, subways, ships, and airplanes.

HD 1080p Car DVR Dash Camera with Night Vision

Yuwei is a manufacturer of vehicle monitoring equipment in China and provides high-quality MDVRs and vehicle monitoring systems to global fleets. If you are looking for a reliable MDVR supplier in China, please feel free to contact us.

Features of Yuwei MDVR:

- Integrated design, highly integrating driving recorder, video recording, active safety algorithm, etc.

- Supports driver fatigue warning functions (yawning, eyes closed, distraction, etc.).

- Advanced driving assistance functions for forward vision (supports front collision warning, lane departure warning, etc.).

- Multi-center access, which can support reporting data to multiple monitoring centers.

- Maximum 8-channel analog high-definition video input, flexible combination design, comprehensive audio and video monitoring, and video recording.

- Supports hard disk data storage and SD card storage; dual storage ensures data security.

- 4 levels of shock protection mechanism to improve the service life of the hard disk.

- Uninterruptible power supply recording (UPR) function, built-in supercapacitor to ensure that the video will not be lost when the power is cut off.

- Low voltage protection function to ensure vehicle battery safety.

- Supports built-in printer.

- Supports night vision function.

What is a mobile DVR?

The term 'mobile DVR' refers to DVR systems designed for use in vehicles. Unlike traditional DVRs that are fixed in one location, mobile DVRs allow for remote management. They can support real-time positioning, historical trajectory, file download and playback, and vehicle fusion.

The vehicle-mounted mobile hard disk video recorder adopts advanced video coding technology, which enables digital-to-analog conversion, compression, and data storage. It may also be equipped with GPS positioning, audio and video monitoring, wireless network transmission, and other equipment. These features make them very useful in a variety of situations.

The benefits of mobile DVRs are obvious. In addition to reducing fleet costs, mobile DVRs can improve safety and aid in accident forensics.

How does a mobile DVR work?

In the past, the transmission capabilities of DVRs limited their innovation. Unlike Wi-Fi, where bandwidth can fluctuate, 4G and 5G networks make them more reliable and capable of advanced features. Traditional hard disk video recorders cannot transmit data in real time, but mobile DVRs can, and they can even support intercom functions and other vehicle-mounted features.

DVRs work by drawing power from the vehicle's power supply. Since this power source is unstable, DVRs need to be built to withstand these fluctuations. They can also withstand the vibrations that ordinary DVRs may experience. To ensure the device runs for a long time, there are wires inside the power cord to protect the core and help it function properly. After purchase, you can use it to record important events while driving.

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