How many truck fleets use dash cams?

Date Time: September 03, 2023
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Author: royi

How many truck fleets use dash cams

As the use of driving recorders continues to increase. In the trucking industry, more and more fleets and drivers are installing road-facing and driver-facing dash cams because of their multiple benefits. Truck dash cams play a pivotal role today, affecting many important areas such as insurance discounts, driver training, and improved safety.


A new study shows that more than 40 percent of the trucking fleet now uses cameras in the cab.


Benefits of installing a driving recorder:

1. Potentially lower insurance rates

Installing a truck dash cam sends a clear signal to insurance companies that you take fleet safety seriously.

2. Using Truck Dashcam Footage to Reduce False Claims

3. Use safety data to incentivize safe drivers

4. Improve safety and efficiency with truck dashcam alerts


Yuwei V5 is a 4G driving recorder with integrated high-definition video recording function.

Using Linux system, it supports up to 4 channel cameras, and real-time audio and video recording. It supports dual TF card for audio and video storage, 4G network real-time video transmission and BDS/GPS positioning, and have built-in active safety algorithms which using in ADAS, DSM etc.

It is widely used in the video surveillance industry of online car-hailing, taxis, city distribution logistics vehicles, and official vehicles. 


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