Best Dash Cams for Fleets

The Best Dash Cams for Fleets

Date Time: December 22, 2023
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Best Dash Cams for Fleets

Best Fleet Dash Cam: YUWEI V5 Highly Recommended. This is an integrated intelligent AI dash cam with diverse functionalities, effectively enhancing the safety, compliance, and profitability of your fleet.

Best Dash Cams for Fleets

The integrated solution combines a remote information processing unit, real-time streaming video, front-facing ADAS camera, and a fatigue monitoring camera aimed at drivers. Theres no need to install multiple solutions in trucks, buses, and light vehicles.

The front-facing camera detects lane departure, frontal collision, pedestrian collision, following too closely, and speeding by reading speed signs. The fatigue monitoring camera detects truck drivers yawning, falling asleep, being distracted, smoking, using seatbelts, and using phones.

Advantages of the Intelligent AI Dash Cam include:

fleet dash cam v5

1.Multifunctional Integration:

Combines powerful functionalities of GPS tracking, remote information processing, real-time streaming video, driver-focused AI, and front-facing ADAS camera for alerting truck drivers about lane departure, frontal collision, etc.

2. Easy Installation:

Installation of the fleet vehicle dash cam is straightforward. The simplest form involves installing it as close to the center of the windshield as possible.

3. Accident Reduction:

Through built-in artificial intelligence, it automatically detects and uploads risky driving behavior, providing a comprehensive understanding of the vehicle's operational status.

4. Fraud Prevention:

Utilizes video evidence to protect drivers from false event claims.

5. Insurance Cost Savings:

As accidents decrease, prospects of increased insurance claims, excess charges, and insurance premiums diminish.

6. Driver Behavior Optimization:

Improves driver behavior and prevents accidents through real-time in-cabin audio and video feedback.

Features of the AI Dash Cam include:

1.Artificial Intelligence:

V5 utilizes an advanced dash cam with a built-in AI processor, automatically capturing road dangers and unsafe driving behavior through machine vision technology. Events are automatically uploaded to the cloud for review and processing.

2. ADAS Assistance:

Captures events like lane departure, frontal collision, pedestrian collision, following distance monitoring, and speed limit sign detection.

3. Comprehensive Driver Monitoring System (DMS):

Features a built-in 1080p high-definition driver safety camera (DSC) with AI that detects seatbelt usage, distraction, smoking, phone usage, and facial recognition to pair with software for driver identity verification.

4. DMS Assistance:

The DMS camera can detect seatbelt usage, distraction, smoking, and phone usage.

5. Remote Information Processing Terminal:

Provides comprehensive remote information processing data, allowing you to view your vehicles location, travel history, and driving behavior. The 6-axis G-sensor provides accurate data on harsh driving events like sudden acceleration, braking, and sharp turns.

6. Audio-Visual Alarm Alerts:

The AI in the dash cam can instantly detect high-risk behavior in the cabin and on the road, providing real-time visual and audio feedback to drivers.

7. Dual SD Card Storage:

Supports dual-card storage.

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