Mining Vehicle Safety Monitoring Solution

Mining Vehicles Tracking Camera System

Date Time: June 03, 2024
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Mining Vehicle Safety Monitoring Solution

Currently, before the widespread adoption of unmanned mining trucks in the market, most companies still rely on manually driven mining trucks. The large size of these trucks results in significant blind spots, and drivers often experience physical fatigue during long hours of low-speed operations. These factors contribute to a higher likelihood of accidents, posing risks to drivers' lives and property, while also increasing company costs and negative impacts. To address these various safety hazards, our company utilizes onboard video proactive safety warning analysis technology to effectively reduce the occurrence of most accidents.

mining vehicle tracking system

Mining Vehicles Camera System Function

1. ADAS+DSM+BSD Driver Assistance System

   - During vehicle operation, the ADAS camera monitors the road ahead in real-time. When the system detects potential collision risks with the vehicle in front or pedestrians, the onboard intelligent terminal issues an audio warning to alert the driver.

   - The DSM camera monitors the driver in real-time, using visual algorithms to assist in AI recognition of the driver's face. If the driver is found making phone calls, experiencing fatigue, smoking, or distracted, the onboard intelligent terminal issues an audio reminder to alert the driver to drive safely and reduce accident risks.

   - By installing the BSD camera and audio-visual alarm on the vehicle's right blind spot, the BSD camera detects pedestrians or other vehicles on the right side, issuing voice reminders through the audio-visual alarm and alerting the driver through the onboard intelligent terminal.

   - Additionally, alarm events are uploaded in real-time via the 4G network to the monitoring center. Monitoring personnel can analyze the alarm video to determine if the driver is violating regulations and take appropriate measures, achieving remote supervision and assessment of vehicles and drivers, thus enhancing driving safety.

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2. Accurate GPS Tracking and Real-time Monitoring

   - Through the monitoring workstation, fleet managers can monitor the vehicle's location and operational status (overspeed, idling, geo-fencing, etc.) in real-time.

Vehicle monitoring

3. Real-time Video Monitoring

   - By installing high-definition cameras, vehicles can be monitored in real-time. Management can understand the vehicle's cargo and operation status and report and address any driver violations promptly.

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4. Route Deviation Alarm

   - Vehicles can be assigned specific routes or areas. Deviation from these routes or areas triggers a route deviation alarm, which is uploaded to the monitoring center. Administrators can perform remote vehicle locking and fuel cutoff operations.

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5. Overspeed Warning and Alarm

   - When the vehicle is speeding, the front-end voice box alerts the driver to reduce speed to ensure safety. If the speeding continues beyond the preset time, an alarm is sent to the center. The terminal can automatically voice-read short messages and alarm information, increasing driving safety.

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6. Radar Warning System

   - Radar probes installed around the vehicle interface with the onboard display to provide distance information. When the vehicle is close to an obstacle, it issues a beeping or alert sound, reminding the driver to drive carefully and ensuring safety.

mining vehicle wash systems

7. 360 Panoramic View System

   - Wide-angle cameras installed around the vehicle interface with the 360 panoramic host and in-car monitor, allowing the driver to view the vehicle's surroundings in real-time. In poor road conditions or during meetings, the 360 panoramic system helps make accurate judgments. The system can also connect to the 4G onboard intelligent terminal for real-time video transmission to the monitoring center.

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8. Intercom Microphone

   - The intercom microphone installed on the front-end onboard intelligent device allows the monitoring center to provide real-time voice work dispatch based on the operational site conditions.

YUWEI Mining Vehicles Tracking Camera System

Mining Truck Tracking management

Widely applied in major mines across China, we have numerous real-life case studies. Our safety applications are used in various mining fleet scenarios. If you require bulk purchases, please contact us. We also welcome you to visit our factory in China to see the products in person and learn more (our factory spans 15,000 square meters and is the largest manufacturer of onboard monitoring equipment in China).

Mining Truck Management

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