Stone Mining Vehicle Monitoring System

Stone Mining Vehicle Trips Monitoring System

Date Time: June 03, 2024
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Stone Mining Vehicle Monitoring System

Stone mining vehicles are large-scale transportation machinery used in coal mines. Due to the complex and hazardous working environment, small visual fields, and large blind spots, safety incidents frequently occur from unlicensed/irregular driving, speeding, and overloading.

Stone Mining Vehicle Monitoring System

To address these issues, China YUWEI has developed an AI visual safety monitoring system for forklift cargo transportation scenarios. This system includes facial recognition for certified drivers, DMS driver behavior monitoring, infrared thermal imaging night vision driving assistance, BSD or AVM panoramic blind spot pedestrian and obstacle detection, vehicle condition monitoring and forecasting, and vehicle control integration. This proactive safety solution helps drivers enhance transportation safety and efficiency in various complex working environments, safeguarding people, vehicles, and goods.

AI Visual Functions:

- Driver facial recognition

- DMS driver behavior monitoring

- BSD blind spot monitoring and 360° AVM

- Infrared thermal imaging night vision driving assistance system

- Blind spot coverage around the vehicle with BSD warning system pedestrian detection visual algorithm

- Active voice alarms when pedestrians, vehicles, or obstacles are detected in the alarm zone

- Supports 8-channel camera input

- Expansion interfaces including CAN, RS485, and RS232 for customized optimizations

Mining Vehicle Monitoring System

Telematics Functions:

- Vehicle CAN information collection and processing

- Seatbelt status, speed, operation mileage statistics, duration statistics, and status information statistics

Dump Truck Tracking management

Mining Vehicle Monitoring System Hardware:

- DMS camera

- Dashcam with GPS positioning and ADAS driver assistance

- Waterproof reversing camera

- 360° camera

- Intelligent terminal

- In-vehicle display screen

- Ultrasonic radar

stone mining vehicle trips monitoring system

Mining vehicle monitoring systems have been a crucial part of the mining industry's digital transformation. Whether it's iron ore or copper mines, as long as it is an open-pit mine, GPS communication signals can cover it. The mining vehicle monitoring system aims to help mines improve vehicle transportation efficiency, enhance vehicle safety, and increase the availability of various mechanical equipment, regardless of the equipment manufacturer. This system typically consists of four parts: GPS monitoring host, external sensors, IoT data cards, and vehicle monitoring platform.

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