Truck Dashboard Camera Systems

The Best Truck Dashboard Camera Systems

Date Time: January 26, 2024
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Truck Dashboard Camera Systems

With the rapid development of the global economy, the demand for transporting overweight and oversized goods is gradually increasing. Large-scale transport vehicles, characterized by numerous tires and features such as excessive length, width, and weight, pose a certain level of danger in driving. These vehicles have significant blind spots and risks of tire blowouts. In the event of an accident, it could have a profound impact on the economy and society. Therefore, strengthening real-time monitoring of oversized vehicles becomes particularly necessary.

Truck Dashboard Camera Systems

Challenges in truck tracking management

Non-compliant driving

For the transportation of overweight trucks, there are strict speed control requirements. However, some drivers lack a strong sense of responsibility and often engage in behaviors such as speeding and fatigue driving, significantly increasing the risk of traffic accidents. The large size of the vehicles contributes to substantial blind spots, making traffic accidents more likely.

Numerous tires, difficult to monitor

Overweight trucks, with the need for substantial cargo weighing, are usually equipped with many tires. If a tire has excessive or insufficient pressure, it can easily cause problems with the weighing of other tires, leading to potential tire blowouts. Real-time monitoring of tire pressure and timely warnings are crucial for the safety of the vehicle's transportation.

Real-time monitoring, accident review

Remote management centers need to conduct comprehensive real-time monitoring of operational vehicles, including location, speed, real-time monitoring of tire pressure, and the ability to review and analyze accidents through trajectory queries and video playback.


Truck dashboard camera system solution

By installing a 4G wireless video intelligent onboard terminal kit on trucks, the system achieves high-precision GPS positioning, real-time 1080p audio-video monitoring, vehicle dispatching, real-time fuel collection, tire pressure detection, blind spot radar detection and warning. Data is transmitted through 4G to the backend data monitoring cloud platform.


Truck Dashboard Camera Systems

Truck dashboard camera system features

Full-course monitoring

Real-time video monitoring of vehicles, allowing remote viewing of live and historical video data. The system dynamically switches the displayed video when the vehicle turns left or right, providing driving assistance to the driver. GPS high-precision positioning provides real-time information on the vehicle's location and current status, triggering an alarm if it deviates from the preset route.

Tire pressure monitoring

Wireless tire pressure monitoring sensors are installed on all tires of the vehicle. If there is abnormal tire pressure, it is promptly communicated to the driver and the backend monitoring center.

Safety driving assistance system

The built-in safety module of the onboard terminal monitors the driver's driving status through the DSM system, including yawning, closing eyes, smoking, making phone calls, drinking water, and looking around. The front-view advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) includes features such as forward collision warning (FCW), headway monitoring warning (HMW), and lane departure warning (LDW).

Vehicle driving state detection

The unique GSensor algorithm in the vehicle terminal dynamically detects the vehicle's driving conditions, including rapid acceleration, deceleration, sharp turns, and collision detection, triggering alarms.

Blind spot detection

High-precision radar sensors can be installed on the right and rear sides of the vehicle to detect and warn of blind spots, reducing the risk of traffic accidents during vehicle movement.

Fine management of fuel consumption

Transparently display the entire fuel consumption process, timely alerting to abnormal consumption to prevent fuel theft. Report outputs include volume-based fuel consumption and kilometer-based fuel consumption data.

Voice prompts

A TTS voice broadcast device is installed in the vehicle, allowing remote dispatch information to be sent to the vehicle for real-time playback. In the event of an alert, it automatically plays the alert reminder.

Data statistics

Attendance reports, operation reports, and alarm reports.

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