Trailer GPS Tracking Systems

Trailer GPS Tracking Systems

Date Time: June 03, 2024
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Trailer GPS Tracking Systems

The YUWEI Trailer GPS Tracking System features real-time GPS tracking and integrates GPS satellite positioning, video monitoring, and AI intelligent algorithms into a cost-effective visual intelligent terminal.

Trailer GPS Tracking Systems

AI Visual Functions:

- BSD pedestrian/vehicle blind spot detection and 360° AVM panoramic view, covering the vehicle's surroundings and blind spots.

- BSD warning system with pedestrian detection visual algorithm, actively issuing voice alerts when pedestrians or obstacles are in the alarm zone.

- Supports 6-channel camera input.

- Supports IO signal/Ethernet/RS485/RS232/USB/CAN communication interfaces.

- Can connect to external radar obstacle detection, continuously optimizing and upgrading to meet different customer needs.

Telematics Functions:

- Supports vehicle CAN information collection and processing, vehicle GPS positioning, speed, load, operation mileage statistics, duration statistics, and status information statistics.

Trailer GPS Tracking System Features:

- 360° AVM panoramic view: Supports custom development.

- AI Functions: Supports 6-channel BSD blind spot monitoring system and algorithm area calibration.

- Positioning: Supports BD/GPS dual-mode high-precision positioning and electronic fencing.

- Wireless Module: Supports 4G full network coverage/expandable to 5G, WiFi 4/6, Bluetooth.

- Power: Supports 9-36V low voltage or 40-120V high voltage vehicle input, with circuit protections (undervoltage/short circuit/reverse polarity), intelligent power management recognition, low power automatic shutdown, and low power consumption when off.

- Video: Supports 6-channel 1080P or 720P camera AHD input, 1-channel CVBS/AHD NTSC/PAL output, and 1-channel HDMI video output.

- Data Storage: Supports 1 TF card up to 512GB, with H.264/H.265 encoding; built-in supercapacitor to prevent data loss during power outages.

- Communication Interfaces: Supports IO signal/Ethernet/RS485/RS232/USB2.0/USB3.0/CAN communication interfaces; can connect to fuel, weighing, speed sensors, etc., and CAN data collection/vehicle controller linkage.

- Voice Alarm: Supports speaker and audio-visual alarm.

- Real-time fault tracking, remote parameter query, and settings.

- Built-in G-Sensor for real-time vehicle monitoring, supporting alerts for rapid acceleration, deceleration, sharp turns, rollover, and collision.

- OTA device upgrades and parameter deployment.

The YUWEI Trailer Tracking System is in use in 36 countries worldwide, including China, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Mexico, the UK, Germany, and more. For purchases, please contact us!

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