Truck Camera Monitoring System

Date Time: November 13, 2023
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Truck Camera Monitoring System

The basic necessities of life are usually transported by trucks, making the trucking industry a vital force in the circulation of goods. Ensuring the safe transport of goods is considered a top priority for various trucking companies, which highly value the welfare of their fleets, drivers, and other road users. Fortunately, YUWEI's remote information video monitoring solution for trucks actively prevents accidents and provides protection in the event of unforeseen incidents.

Below is our truck camera monitoring system

A commercial truck camera system designed for the safety of modern fleets and trucks.

Truck Camera Monitoring System

The following types of trucks can use this monitoring system

Tractors, box trucks, flatbed trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks, refrigerated trucks, tanker trucks, and container trucks.

Choosing YUWEI's truck camera monitoring system means choosing a commercial truck camera system designed for efficiency, safety, and peace of mind. Regardless of the size of your fleet (whether it's a single truck or thousands), YUWEI customizes its functionality according to your needs. Our factory is located in China, offering the advantage of consistent performance of the dashcam, at a lower price.

Why choose YUWEI's truck monitoring system?

1. Completely transform your fleet management

YUWEI allows you to have full control over your fleet. You can remotely view real-time video streams and download recorded video clips, thereby improving logistics, ensuring faster incident response, and achieving outstanding operational control.

2. Comprehensive monitoring to minimize legal risks

YUWEI's advanced truck camera system can capture evidence from nearly 360°, significantly reducing the risk of fraudulent claims. Use the evidence you need to protect your drivers and your business when it matters most.

3. Multiple camera installations for enhanced safety

Our multiple camera installations offer more angles than any other vehicle monitoring system on the market. Our platform supports up to 8 cameras per vehicle, ensuring comprehensive coverage of every angle. With YUWEI, there's no more guesswork about who is at fault.

4. 24/7 after-sales service

We have a dedicated team providing after-sales service, available 24 hours to answer your questions and provide installation assistance.

Enhance your fleet management capabilities with the YUWEI fleet management platform

Real-time fleet GPS tracking

Keep abreast of the latest developments by tracking the real-time locations of your entire fleet on a single map.

2. Live streaming

Delve into real-time or recorded footage from any vehicle, from any camera.

3. Device playback and video export

Easily view and export important video clips for immediate playback when needed.

4. Route replay and reporting

Replay daily routes and view your fleet's complete journey from start to finish. Seamlessly manage your operations, utilizing data as the cornerstone of informed decision-making.

Truck camera monitoring system configuration

Our truck and vehicle camera systems are paired with a range of monitoring devices for your fleet. Our camera system continuously records and offers remote management features, such as real-time live streaming via the internet directly from our proprietary mobile DVR, GPS tracking, and online playback viewing. To ensure the proper functioning of our system, you will need the equipment listed in the catalog below.

Truck camera monitoring system

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Truck Camera Monitoring System
Below is our truck camera monitoring system
The following types of trucks can use this monitoring system
Why choose YUWEI's truck monitoring system?
Enhance your fleet management capabilities with the YUWEI fleet management platform
Truck camera monitoring system configuration

Truck Camera Q&A

Does the vehicle camera system include a dashboard monitor for the driver's use?

It's optional! It's your choice! Our vehicle camera system can include a touchscreen dashboard monitor installed near the driver's line of sight. Similar to a backup camera, the driver can glance at the monitor to view what the cameras are seeing in real-time. With this screen display, the driver can easily switch between all camera views and/or set up split-screen viewing. This is particularly useful when navigating through tight spaces and challenging terrains!

Does YUWEI's commercial truck camera have a night vision mode?

Yes, our cameras feature a night vision mode, enabling infrared functionality as well as automatic electronic shutter and automatic white balance. These night vision capabilities help provide nearly as clear a view at night as during the day.

How many cameras does YUWEI's truck monitoring system support?

If needed, our vehicle camera platform can support up to 4-6 cameras per vehicle. In general, we recommend equipping each vehicle with at least 4 to 5 cameras. With a configuration of 5 cameras, the truck or vehicle will cover all 4 sides, including a dashboard-facing camera. A configuration of 4 cameras will only have a single front-facing dashcam, which will prevent recording of the driver."

What is a truck camera?

A truck camera, also known as a dashcam, provides a forward-facing view and captures key data during driving-related events. It is a valuable tool for fleet managers and drivers, serving as evidence in accidents, collisions, or other driving-related incidents.

Can truck cameras record continuously?

Yes, truck cameras can operate in either continuous recording mode or event-based recording mode. In continuous recording mode, the camera captures footage throughout the entire duration of the vehicle's operation.

What is a vehicle-mounted camera system?

A vehicle-mounted camera system helps owners monitor what happens inside and around their vehicles, capturing footage that can be used as evidence in legal cases. It also monitors the vehicle itself, often incorporating features like a dashboard camera, Mobile DVR, in-vehicle cameras, in-vehicle displays, and ADAS assistance systems.

Do all trucks have dashcams?

For safety and compliance purposes, some jurisdictions require commercial vehicles to use dashcams. Additionally, insurance companies may encourage or even mandate the installation of dashcams as they provide valuable evidence in accidents.

Can truck cameras record audio?

Yes, dashcams are capable of recording in-cab audio, providing additional contextual information to the recorded footage.

Do truck drivers have cameras?

In recent years, cameras facing the driver have become a pressing issue in the transportation industry. While there are significant safety benefits, cargo companies have not yet widely adopted them. However, starting in 2023, there has been an increasing demand for in-vehicle surveillance systems with driver cameras, indicating that fleet managers are paying more attention to driver safety.
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