Vehicle Black Box DVR Full HD 1080p Price

Date Time: September 15, 2023
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Author: yuwei

Yuwei V5 is a 4G broadband multimedia wireless transmission car DVR that integrates intelligent driving warning functions such as ADAS, DSM, BSD, HOD, and 360 panoramic view. It supports 4-8 channel DVR HD monitoring and video storage, and is equipped with a dual-mode positioning system of BeiDou/GPS. This vehicle-mounted video monitoring intelligent terminal can collect vehicle status, trajectory information, video images, driver's driving status, driving warning messages, and other data during the driving process. It facilitates effective remote management of vehicles for enterprises and regulatory authorities, effectively curbing unsafe driving behaviors and reducing the risk of driving accidents.

Vehicle Black Box DVR Full HD 1080p Price


- Built-in high-performance image processing chip

- H.264/H.265 encoding with high compression ratio and clear image quality

- Flexible combination design with options for 6/8-channel analog video input, supporting up to 8-channel 720P analog HD video capture/4-channel 1080P analog HD video capture and storage. It also features 4-channel audio input, 1 MIC, and 1 CVBS output for comprehensive audio and video intelligent monitoring and recording.

- Supports UPS power supply connection

- Supports image horizontal mirroring, vertical mirroring, and 90-degree rotation

- Supports reverse image distance measurement assistance

- Unique GPS drift suppression algorithm

Power supply:

- Professional vehicle power supply, designed for 9-36V DC wide voltage input

- Multiple protections such as under-voltage, short circuit, reverse connection, etc., suitable for various vehicle models

- Supports intelligent power management recognition, auto shutdown at low battery levels, and low power consumption when the vehicle is turned off

Data storage:

- Uses a special file management mechanism to encrypt data and effectively protect data security

- Proprietary SD card bad sector detection technology ensures continuous recording and extends the lifespan of the SD card

- Built-in supercapacitor to prevent data loss and SD card damage caused by abnormal power failure

- Supports up to 512G SD card capacity

GPS/BD positioning:

- Supports GPS/BD positioning

- High sensitivity and fast positioning

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