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Best DMS Camera 1080p

Date Time: May 14, 2024
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Best DMS Camera

The DSM-A720PS-Y13 Vehicle-mounted Intelligent Warning System is an active safety warning solution developed for the application scenario of intelligent management of enterprise vehicles. It is the Best DMS Camera. Based on industry-leading deep learning algorithms, it combines forward collision warning systems with driver fatigue driving/abnormal driving behavior warning systems. When the system detects driver fatigue driving or violations, it will automatically remind the driver through voice prompts. Captured photos are uploaded to the background management center for list statistics. The system supports the identification of collision risks with forward vehicles, lane departure, pedestrian recognition, etc., providing early warning to drivers to take deceleration measures to reduce risks, and supports remote supervision functions.


Best DMS Camera Application Scenarios:

Mining machinery vehicles, construction machinery at construction sites, special vehicles in factory areas, road transport vehicles.

DSM HD 720P camera

DMS-Fatigued driving 

 DSM HD 720P camera


 DSM HD 720P camera

HOD-seat belt detection

DSM HD 720P camera 


DSM HD 720P camera


Best DMS Camera Features:

Supports synchronous real-time recording and playback of 4 channels of 1080P/720P AHD audio and video

Uses aviation head video interface, high reliability, strong earthquake resistance

Built-in BD & GPS dual-mode module with wide coverage

Built-in 2 SD card slots, single card supports up to 256G

Supports 4 alarm inputs, 1 alarm output

Good expandability, with 1 RS485 interface, 1 RS232 interface

Built-in accelerometer G-Sensor, supports TTS voice output

Wide voltage DC power supply of 9V-36V, can work in environments of -25℃ to +70℃

4-second power-off delay for video data protection

Supports up to 4 channels of AI intelligent analysis.

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