360 Degree Car Dash Camera 4 Camera

Date Time: September 15, 2023
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360 Degree Car Dash Camera 4 Camera

The operating principle of a 360-degree panoramic camera:

The working principle of a 360-degree panoramic camera is actually not complicated. It captures the surroundings using ultra-wide-angle cameras placed around the vehicle and displays the stitched image on the car's screen. This allows the driver to have a better view of the surrounding environment. Since the displayed image is a top-down view, it provides a very intuitive real-time view of the surroundings, which enhances safety during parking maneuvers.

360 Degree Car Dash Camera 4 Camera

Before the introduction of 360-degree panoramic cameras, we only relied on rear-view cameras to observe the situation behind the vehicle, combined with side mirrors to gauge the distance on the left and right. Sometimes, issues with the rear-view camera would cause false warnings of closeness when the actual distance was far, or it wouldn't provide warnings even when objects were close. With the 360-degree panoramic camera, it is possible to directly observe the surroundings from a top-down perspective. For drivers who lack confidence in their driving skills, having more reaction time is like having divine assistance.

The Yuwei In-car Intelligent Video Terminal V5 (4-channel Android version) is a 4G dashcam that integrates high-definition video recording capabilities. It features a built-in 360-degree panoramic algorithm, which synthesizes a 360-degree panoramic view using cameras placed around the vehicle. The V5-P model adopts the Android 10.1 system and supports four cameras, both inside and outside the car, for real-time local video recording:

(1) 1080P front-facing camera;

(2) 720P in-car camera;

(3) 720P DSM camera;

(4) 720P rear passenger or trunk camera.

360 Degree Car Dash Camera 4 Camera

It supports voice intercom, facial recognition, TF card video storage, real-time video transmission over 4G network, and BDS/GPS positioning. It can also achieve AVM surround panorama display and BSD blind spot detection camera dual applications.

It can be widely used in industries such as ride-sharing, taxi, logistics, and official vehicles.

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