Advanced Driver Assistance System ADAS

Date Time: September 15, 2023
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Advanced Driver Assistance System ADAS

Yuwei's Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) improves driving safety, creates smart transportation, focuses on customized solutions for customers, and provides comprehensive on-board monitoring and assistance services.

Advanced Driver Assistance System ADAS

What is ADAS?

ADAS stands for "Advanced Driving Assistance System," which refers to an advanced driver assistance system that timely reminds the driver to avoid accidents.

The Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) detects the distance between the vehicle and the vehicle or pedestrian in front by identifying objects such as the vehicle in front, pedestrians, and lane lines. It provides early warnings and assistance for safe driving.

By utilizing sensing, communication, decision-making, and execution devices installed on the vehicle, ADAS monitors the driver, the vehicle, and the driving environment. It assists the driver in performing driving tasks through images, lights, sounds, tactile prompts/warnings, or controls. It actively helps avoid/mitigate collision hazards and intelligently analyzes driving status to ensure driving safety.

ADAS and automation systems have enabled modern vehicles to become semi-autonomous, improving safety and reducing accident fatalities. Each new generation of models with ADAS technology completes an evolution, further enhancing the safety level of cars and moving closer to the goal of fully autonomous driving.

ADAS functions include:

1. Parking Assist

2. Adaptive High Beam system (ADB)

3. Night Vision

4. Blind Spot Detection

5. Side Traffic Warning

6. Advanced Automatic Emergency Braking

7. Collision Warning

8. Driver Drowsiness Alert

9. Traffic Sign Recognition

10. Lane Departure Warning

Yuwei's "V5" integrates ADAS, DSM, BSD, HOD, 360 panorama, and other intelligent driving warning systems. It also features a 4G broadband multimedia wireless transmission vehicle travel recorder, with a maximum 8-channel DVR for high-definition monitoring and video storage. Additionally, it provides Beidou/GPS dual-mode positioning in one vehicle video monitoring intelligent terminal. The system can collect data during driving, including vehicle status, trajectory information, video images, driver driving status, and driving warning information. This enables convenient and effective remote management of vehicles for enterprises and regulatory authorities, effectively curbing unsafe driving behaviors and reducing the risk of accidents.

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