Best Mobile CCTV DVR for Vehicles

Mobile CCTV DVR for Vehicles

Date Time: February 03, 2024
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Best Mobile CCTV DVR for Vehicles

DVR for both personal and commercial use is incredibly useful. With the installation of a Mobile CCTV DVR for Vehicles, you can not only see blind spots but also record all camera views. The recorded footage holds invaluable value for accidents and insurance purposes, making it ideal for fleet tracking to aid in managing and supervising vehicles.

YUWEI Mobile CCTV DVR for Vehicles comes equipped with features such as GPS tracking and real-time remote viewing (4G), along with ample storage capacity and the ability to connect 1080p high-resolution cameras. It perfectly captures all details on the road, including license plates and street signs.

Best Mobile CCTV DVR for Vehicles

What is a Mobile CCTV DVR for Vehicles?

A Mobile CCTV DVR for vehicles is a vehicle monitoring system that integrates high-definition in-vehicle cameras, photography, recording, preview, and external storage cards. It is mainly used in automotive fleets to enhance driving safety, provide evidence for accidents, and assist in the daily management of vehicles through recorded video images and sound. The product employs automated design, combining digital audio editing, harsh environments, large-capacity hard drive data storage, automotive electronics, wireless video network transmission, GPS satellite positioning, and other technologies to achieve real-time audiovisual monitoring in industries such as passenger transport and special vehicles.

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What components make up the Mobile CCTV DVR for Vehicles?

The Mobile CCTV DVR for vehicles consists of three parts: the front-end in-vehicle monitoring system, 4G and WiFi communication, and the IVMS management platform. The front-end includes in-vehicle digital video recorder, monitoring cameras, alarm buttons, in-vehicle display screens, intercom headsets, speakers, GPS, 4G communication module, etc. The communication link includes 4G wireless network, WiFi wireless network, and the backend command center network. The monitoring management platform includes video surveillance, GPS satellite positioning, streaming media, databases, application servers, and other services.

How does the Mobile CCTV DVR for Vehicles work?

1. Capture analog video signals from cameras, digitize, and compress them into high-resolution images stored on local hard drives or SD cards, with low-resolution images used for network transmission.

2. Capture analog audio signals from microphones, digitize, encode, and compress for local storage, suitable for network monitoring, intercom, etc.

3. Receive alarm information through alarm buttons and send it to the monitoring center via the network.

4. GPS module obtains vehicle location information, including latitude, longitude, speed, etc.

Features of the Mobile CCTV DVR for Vehicles

Global Positioning System

Built-in GPS for geographical positioning and tracking.

Alarm Input/Output

Connected to the vehicle's distribution panel and in-vehicle contact points, can activate local devices.

Wireless Network and 4G

Equipped with WiFi and 4G capabilities, can connect to the internet.


Built-in gravity sensor, can identify speed changes caused by accidents.

Artificial Intelligence Features

Includes ADAS, DMS, and BSD functions, detecting blind spots in advance.

Why choose YUWEI Mobile CCTV DVR for Vehicles?

YUWEI is a leading professional manufacturer of mobile CCTV DVR for vehicles with over 25 years of research and development experience. It has accumulated rich experience in fleet management projects in more than 60 countries and has installed over 50,000 mobile CCTV DVRs worldwide.


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YUWEI has passed industry standards, vibration resistance, shock resistance, waterproof and dustproof tests, and obtained certification for the use of electronic equipment in locomotives under the EN50155 railway application. It holds various certifications such as E-mark (E9, E24), CE, RoHS, and FCC.

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