6 Best Dash Cam for Fleet Vehicles

Date Time: November 03, 2023
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Why fleets need dash cams?

A dash cam is an effective way to ensure the safety of fleet drivers and other road users. According to a study published in the Journal of Safety Research, implementing a fleet dash cam system can reduce accidents by up to 60%.

Why fleets need dash cams

However, there are numerous high-quality dash cams available in the market. So, how do you know which one is best suited for your fleet? As experts in fleet management technology, we have analyzed various criteria and identified the top-performing dash cam suppliers currently available in the market.

6 Best Fleet Dash Cam with GPS for Commercial Vehicles

Here are the recommended top-tier dash cam suppliers for commercial fleets based on our research. By using our comparison tool, you can find the best service for your company.

1. YUWEI V5 - Best budget fleet dash cam

   - Offers excellent value for money (same performance at a lower cost).

   - Among more than ten similar products, V5 provides the best value for money.


2. Samsara CM32 - Best all-round fleet dash cam

   - Features:

     - Easy installation.

     - 121° forward-facing and 177° driver-facing views.

     - Infrared LED night vision with low-light recording capability.

     - Cloud-based analysis functionality.


3. Garmin Fleet 780 - Best long-term use fleet dash cam

   - Features:

     - Supports front-facing recording only.

     - Built-in fleet management application.

     - Provides road hazard alerts.

     - Supports 720p or 1080p resolution.

     - No night vision capability.


4. Verizon Connect Integrated Video - Best integrated fleet dash cam system

   - Features:

     - Real-time notifications for hard braking or turning incidents.

     - Event recording and recognition using artificial intelligence.

     - Specifically designed for business fleets.


5. BlackVue DR750X-2CH - Best fleet dash cam for video playback

   - Features:

     - High frame rate recording per second.

     - High-quality video recording with Sony STARVIS technology.

     - Built-in WiFi and GPS for fleet manager monitoring.


6. SmartWitness CP2 - Best fleet dash cam for stable footage

   - Features:

     - Built-in WiFi, GPS, and gyroscopic technology.

     - Built-in microphone and speaker.

     - Ample storage space.


7. Garmin Dash Cam 55 - Best user-friendly fleet dash cam

   - Features:

     - G-sensor automatically records incidents.

     - Supports 1080p/1440p resolution.

     - Provides 122°/180° field of view.

     - Optional voice control feature.

These are our top recommendations for commercial fleet dash cams based on our research. By using these comparison tools, you can find the most suitable service for your company.

How do we select the best dashcam for our fleet?

As a manufacturer of in-car dashcams, we also have a dedicated quality control department that researches products available in the market. We understand the various pressures faced by fleet operators, which is why we evaluate the latest dashcam technology based on the following criteria:

1. Features and Functions: Consider the value of the dashcam's features and functions for fleet operations. For example, AI capabilities can help detect dangerous driving behavior and provide timely alerts, high-resolution cameras can provide clear images, and night vision functionality can offer better visibility during nighttime operations. Select a dashcam that possesses suitable features and functions based on the specific needs of your fleet.

2. Cost-effectiveness: Balance the cost of the dashcam with its features and quality. Different brands and models of dashcams may vary in price, but the key is to ensure that the selected product delivers good performance, reliability, and falls within your budget range.

3. Video Recording Method: Understand how the dashcam automatically records videos and the way it stores footage. Some dashcams automatically record seemingly risky events, while others may record all driving time of the vehicle. Choose a recording method that suits the needs and management requirements of your fleet.

4. Video Access Method: Determine how to access and manage the recorded video footage. Many dashcams use SD cards to store videos, which can be uploaded by inserting the SD card into a computer or using a USB cable to connect the device. Additionally, some brands offer the functionality to store videos on mobile phones or in the cloud, accessible through logging into a product dashboard. Choose a video access method that aligns with the convenience needs of your fleet.

Different types of dashcams suitable for fleets include:

- Forward-facing dashcams: Designed to capture collisions occurring in front of the vehicle.

- External dashcams: Installed on the exterior of the vehicle, usually on the sides, providing a panoramic view to overcome blind spots and capture side-impact accidents.

- In-cabin dashcams: Installed inside the vehicle, used to protect cargo, passengers, and deter theft.

- Rear-facing dashcams: Record the road behind the vehicle, offering a clearer view during reversing.

To find the appropriate commercial dashcam for your fleet

Once the desired type of dashcam is determined, it's necessary to further clarify the required functionalities. Consider the following aspects based on the fleet's specific needs and priorities:

- Artificial Intelligence: Built-in AI accelerates the detection of safety issues, helping drivers rectify errors and dangerous driving behavior more promptly.

- Resolution: Higher image quality makes it easier to identify dangers and clearly capture license plates.

- Audio recording/speaker: Having the ability to record audio and play alerts provides additional information when detecting hazardous behavior.

- Night vision: Extremely useful for fleets operating at night, as it improves visibility.

- Internet connectivity: Dashcams with internet connectivity can instantly upload video footage to the cloud, offering faster and more convenient access.

In conclusion

selecting the best commercial dashcam requires a comprehensive consideration of features and functions, cost-effectiveness, video recording method, video access method, and the applicable types and functional requirements for the fleet. By understanding the fleet's requirements in detail and engaging in communication with professional dashcam suppliers, you can find the most suitable dashcam for your fleet.


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