YUWEI Fleet Tracking Dash Cam: Enhancing Safety for Vehicle

Date Time: November 06, 2023
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Author: YUWEI

Fleet Tracking Dash Cam

The brand new YUWEI dash cam provides powerful features and benefits, designed specifically for fleet tracking. It can provide administrators with real-time video monitoring of drivers and vehicles to ensure their safety.

Fleet Tracking Dash Cam

This dash cam is suitable for various vehicle types, including trucks, heavy-duty trucks, sedans, and delivery trucks, and comes equipped with a 4G integrated solution.

YUWEI's AI+4G dash cam helps your enterprise avoid accidents and reduce insurance claims through the following features:

1. Rear-end collision warning: timely alerting drivers to pay attention to the front vehicles, effectively avoiding rear-end collisions.

2. Driver mobile phone use warning: monitoring whether the driver is using a mobile phone during driving, promptly reminding the driver to abide by traffic rules.

3. Seat belt detection: monitoring whether the driver has fastened the seat belt, ensuring the driver's safety.

4. Real-time view: with the real-time view function, you can view the road and the internal vehicles of the fleet at any time.

In addition, the YUWEI dash cam is equipped with front and in-cabin cameras that can prevent insurance claims. When a collision occurs, the dash cam generates video clips of medium to high event severity. These video clips are recorded in ultra-clear form and can be provided within a few seconds to manage claims quickly and reduce costs. Full HD recording of event footage ensures that each occurrence is accurately recorded.

With the YUWEI dash cam, you can protect your fleet from "cash scams." Educate drivers through videos generated by events to improve their behavior. You can also retrieve dash cam footage online or directly from the SD card as needed.

If necessary, you can also choose a dash cam for the driver. The in-cabin camera can help determine liability and encourage safer driving habits by eliminating bad habits such as smoking or using mobile phones.

The YUWEI dash cam also provides a digital vehicle inspection sheet function to ensure that fleet vehicles are suitable for driving and comply with regulatory requirements. Drivers can complete the vehicle inspection sheet using a smartphone or tablet and immediately upload photos of vehicle defects to the cloud for real-time reporting and processing. The driver application can be fully integrated with YUWEI's 4G dash cam and customized according to your specific needs.

In summary, the YUWEI dash cam is a comprehensive and easy-to-use fleet tracking and dash cam tool. Through GPS vehicle tracking, real-time video, and real-time alerts, it provides you with real-time visibility of road conditions, helping you ensure fleet safety and reduce accident risks.

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