Excavator CCTV Camera System

1080p Excavator CCTV Camera System

Date Time: February 11, 2024
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Excavator CCTV Camera System

The excavator CCTV camera system enhances safety with 4G remote information processing monitoring, a 165-degree wide-angle view with no blind spots, and support for pedestrian intrusion alerts.


Excavator CCTV Camera System

Excavator CCTV Camera System Features

1. Mobile Remote Real-time Alarm Notifications

Receive real-time device alerts on your mobile phone app.

View the surrounding situation, capture images, playback, and download historical footage remotely.

Easy and convenient operation.

2. Fatigue Driving Warning (Auditory Alerts)

Utilizes facial recognition technology to analyze the driver's facial features.

Identifies closed eyes, yawning, leaving the post, using a mobile phone, daydreaming, etc.

3. Centralized Management Cloud Platform for Easy Supervision of Each Excavator in Operation

Real-time GPS/BDS positioning.

1080p real-time video monitoring for each excavator.

Supports mobile app and PC access.

4. Sound and Light Alarm to Alert Pedestrians

Issues sound alerts when pedestrians enter the work area.

5. YUWEI AI Driver Monitoring Features

Equipped with industrial-grade monitoring cameras inside the vehicle cabin.

Various intelligent monitoring functions to prevent safety accidents due to human factors.


Face Recognition Function

Identifies the driver's face through the camera, allowing driving only after identity authentication.

Remote locking function when unauthorized personnel attempt to start the excavator, reducing the risk of theft.

Facial information is uploaded to the cloud when a driver change occurs, ensuring precise accountability.

Driver State Recognition

Recognizes driver fatigue, including closed eyes and yawning.

Identifies driver violations such as not wearing a seatbelt, not wearing a helmet, smoking, talking on the phone, etc.

Issues timely warnings to drivers to prevent accidents.

Cloud-based AI Fleet Management Function

Integrates various functions to address safety issues in most excavators.

Route monitoring, precise vehicle monitoring, electronic fences for accurate entry and exit alerts, intelligent inspection for maintenance, online scheduling for efficient personnel and vehicle management, and data reporting and analysis to reduce operational costs.


The YUWEI industrial-grade AI driver monitoring camera is designed with an IP67 dust and water-resistant reinforced casing, tailored for harsh working environments. Even when installed externally on excavators, it can withstand prolonged vibration and adverse conditions.


It is widely applicable, not limited to excavators; most construction vehicles on the market, such as forklifts, mining trucks, loaders, bulldozers, container front lifting cranes, and more, can benefit from this system.(hello@yuweitek.com)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do excavators need a reverse camera?

Cameras provide operators with safety, convenience, and enhanced visibility. Excavator cameras offer an overhead view of the surrounding area. Additionally, they assist operators in avoiding collisions with objects or workers hidden in the environment. Moreover, cameras on excavators help operators maintain the machine's normal performance.

How Excavator Camera Systems Work?

Cameras can monitor the surrounding environment while the excavator is in operation, displaying real-time images and videos on a high-definition digital monitor. The Mobile Digital Video Recorder (MDVR) features monitoring and alarm functions, supporting intercom, in-vehicle phone, and remote monitoring capabilities.

Different Types of Cameras for Excavators

Various types of cameras are used for monitoring excavators, including single-channel cameras, dual-channel cameras, side-view cameras, and rear-view cameras. Single-channel cameras are easy to deploy and maintain on construction sites. Additionally, they can be connected to a network interface and displayed on split screens in the cabin. Single-channel cameras can be used to monitor the rear of the excavator. Side-view cameras make areas adjacent to the machine visible, improving driver visibility. This enhances maneuverability and safety, as drivers can see obstacles before they come into view. They can also be combined with rear-view cameras for a better overall view.

How Much Does an Excavator Camera System Cost?

The YUWEI excavator monitoring system includes four 360° panoramic cameras, one rear-view camera, a display, and an MDVR. This system helps excavator operators stay informed about the work in real-time, significantly improving job safety. If you are a wholesaler, we can provide discounted cooperation prices. The cost for a single in-vehicle camera is $25.
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