The Best Dash Cam for Car and Motorcycle

Date Time: September 18, 2023
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The Best Dash Cam for Car and Motorcycle

If the fleet wants to protect the safety of vehicles and passengers in all aspects, it is very important to choose a powerful dash cam. Yuweitek's V5 series dash cam is loved by customers for its outstanding performance;

 The best dash cam for car and motorcycle

1. Android system 10.1

The V5-P model adopts the latest Android system 10.1, which provides users with a smooth and stable operating experience and supports the operation of more applications. This allows users to enjoy more functional applications while driving.


2. 4-channel high-definition camera

V5-P dash cam supports a total of four-channel high-definition cameras including front camera, interior camera, DSM camera (driver status monitoring) and rear passenger or trunk camera. These wide-angle cameras can simultaneously record the front and rear directions of the vehicle, the situation inside the vehicle, and the status of the driver, providing more comprehensive and specific vehicle monitoring.


3. Real-time local video recording

V5-P dash cam supports 1080P front camera recording to ensure clear images. In addition, the in-car, DSM and rear passenger/trunk cameras all support 720P video recording. These high-definition recording capabilities can provide users with more details and evidence.


4. Voice intercom and face recognition

V5-P supports voice intercom function, allowing the driver to communicate with passengers conveniently through the dash cam. And, with the built-in face recognition technology, the dash cam can quickly identify passengers, improving vehicle safety and management efficiency.


5. TF card video storage and 4G network real-time transmission

V5-P dash cam supports TF card video storage, which is convenient for users to store and manage recorded videos. At the same time, it also supports 4G network real-time video transmission, so that users can remotely view the live vehicle status at any time, and keep abreast of the vehicle status.


6. BDS/GPS positioning

By integrating Beidou/GPS positioning technology, the V5-P dash cam can accurately record the driving path of the vehicle and associate it with the video image. This not only provides evidence of location, but also helps users better understand the vehicle's trajectory and operations.


7. Wide application

V5 series dash cam is suitable for various industries, including online car-hailing, taxis, logistics vehicles and official vehicles, etc. Whether it is a personal car or a corporate fleet management, the V5 series can provide you with all-round protection and intelligent driving assistance.


Summary: Yuweitek V5 series dash cam provides users with intelligent vehicle protection by integrating Android 10.1, 4-channel high-definition camera recording, real-time local video recording, and supporting functions such as voice intercom and face recognition.

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