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Date Time: January 02, 2024
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How much does the Black Box Camera cost?

The Black Box Camera is priced at $125 each, equipped with WIFI, infrared, night vision, 4G, GPS, BDS, ADAS, DSM, and other functions. We have inventory, and orders can be shipped directly upon placement.

Black Box Camera

What is a Car Black Box Camera?

The Car Black Box Camera is a device used to record the driving conditions inside and outside the car, capturing real-time audio and video. It is typically installed on the front windshield of the vehicle.

YUWEI Car Black Box Camera Features

1. Real-time GPS/BDS positioning: Supports real-time GPS positioning for easy tracking and management.

2. 1080p video recording: Clear video quality.

3. 4G network: Equipped with 4G communication, supporting real-time video recording and live streaming.

4. AI functions: Features ADAS and DSM for advanced driving assistance.

5. Waterproof and dustproof: High-quality construction, providing high waterproof and dustproof capabilities for secure video evidence.

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Benefit of the Black Box Camera

1. Accident Recording: Captures audio and video of accident scenes, preserving evidence.

2. Driving Monitoring: Monitors driver's behavior, road conditions, and more.

3. Anti-Theft Protection: Equipped with parking surveillance to prevent theft.

4. HD Video: Provides high-definition video recording, capturing clear images.

5. GPS Positioning: Built-in GPS module for real-time vehicle tracking.

6. Additional Features: Night vision, 4G network support, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), DSM (Driver State Monitoring), and more, offering comprehensive driving assistance and safety protection.

7. Waterproof and Dustproof Design: High-quality design ensures normal operation in various weather and environmental conditions, enhancing device reliability."

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How much does the Black Box Camera cost?
What is a Car Black Box Camera?
YUWEI Car Black Box Camera Features
Benefit of the Black Box Camera

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Car Black Box Camera products come with an English manual?

When exporting, we package the product, accessories, and English manual together for customer convenience during installation.

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