Car DVR Digital Video Recorder Black Box 4 Channels

Car DVR Digital Video Recorder Black Box 4 Channels

Date Time: May 10, 2023
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Car DVR Digital Video Recorder Black Box 4 Channels

In the context of the rapid development of industries such as taxis, online car-hailing, passenger transport, and trucks, driving safety has become a major problem. Car accidents, personal safety of drivers and passengers are not guaranteed, and accidents such as cargo loss often occur. These incidents will not only bring economic losses to the company, but also affect the overall image of the corresponding industry.


Car DVR Digital Video Recorder Black Box 4 Channels

How to improve the safety and efficiency of transportation is an urgent problem to be solved in industries such as smart logistics, taxis, online car-hailing, and passenger transportation. And ShenZhen's newly-launched Car DVR Digital Video Recorder Black Box 4 Channels V6 will provide solutions for the above-mentioned transportation industry and fully guarantee the safety of people, vehicles and goods.


Different cameras can be flexibly combined as needed, such as front ADAS camera (analyze the road and vehicles in front, avoid accidents) + driver DSM camera (monitor whether the driver is fatigued, dangerous driving, etc.) + cockpit camera (check whether the cockpit environment is abnormal) + Car tail camera (real-time monitoring of transported goods).


Realize all-round monitoring and positioning of vehicles, and provide real-time feedback on the location, speed and status of people/vehicles/goods to improve the efficiency and safety of transportation.


The ADAS camera is installed above the rearview mirror of the vehicle, which can clearly monitor the road ahead. Through the combination of path recognition algorithm and target recognition AI, it can quickly detect and identify objects, identify and trigger forward collision warnings, road line deviation warnings, etc. in advance when danger may occur, reminding drivers to avoid and improve driving safety.


ADAS alarm type:

·Forward collision alarm ·Vehicle distance too close alarm ·Lane departure alarm


Use the driver-oriented camera to capture the driver's face and bone information, and through algorithm processing, identify the driver's driving status, including fatigue driving, distracted driving, etc., and the management personnel can receive real-time warnings of the driver's dangerous driving through the immediate positioning platform Information to remind drivers to pay attention to safety and avoid traffic accidents.


DSM alarm type:

·Fatigue driving alarm ·Receive and call the alarm

·Smoking alarm ·Distracted driving alarm

·Driver abnormal alarm


The camera in the cabin makes all seats and occupants within their field of vision. For example, in taxi/online car-hailing scenarios, it is used to check the status and behavior of occupants to maximize the safety of drivers and occupants.

·The status of the driver and passengers in the car

· Abnormal environment view

· Tracing the source of driver disputes


If there is no real-time monitoring and location tracking of the goods during the logistics transportation process, there is no evidence to rely on when the goods are lost; installing a camera in the rear compartment of the car can guarantee the safety of the goods to a certain extent, and can quickly trace the source of the goods in the event of theft.

·24-hour video surveillance of goods

·Monitoring of delivery time and location

· Beware of lost goods

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