4 Channel mini Car DVR

China 4 Channel mini Car DVR

Date Time: May 22, 2024
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4 Channel mini Car DVR

YUWEI F4 is a 4-channel mini Car DVR with DMS (Driver Monitoring System) and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) functionalities. It integrates DMS, ADAS, and 2-channel video monitoring. It uses H.264 video encoding format, stores video on a TF card, and transmits video in real-time to a monitoring platform via 4G and Wi-Fi networks, assisting fleet managers in tracking and management.

4 Channel mini Car DVR

The 4G SD MDVR comes with ADAS and DMS. It integrates features such as GPS, 1080p recording, ADAS, DSM, and BSD. Utilizing H.264 video compression/decompression technology, it also employs professional anti-vibration and heat dissipation solutions to protect the device.


4 channel car dvr

Equipped with 4G communication, it can provide real-time 1080p video recording and live streaming monitoring in fleet management. It can also serve as a proactive safety system solution by effectively preventing accidents.


ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) and DMS (Driver Monitoring System) can analyze road conditions and driver behavior anomalies. All alerts will be immediately reported to the driver and the fatigue monitoring platform.

4 channel mobile dvr

It can integrate various types of sensors to meet fleet management needs, such as fuel sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, weight axle sensors, driver ID, etc.

How much does a 4-channel mini Car DVR cost?

The YUWEI standard Mobile DVR costs $160; welcome to purchase.(hello@yuweitek.com)


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Supports real-time remote video monitoring, GPS positioning, video storage, video playback, image capture, statistical reports, vehicle dispatching, and more.

- Video codec supports H.265 and H.264 formats.

- Power range is 10-36V DC.

- Data storage:

- Supports SD card storage with a maximum capacity of 2 x 256GB; solid-state drive is optional.

4-channel mini Car DVR

- Transmission interfaces:

- 3G/4G: for real-time video and monitoring.

4-channel mini Car DVR

- Wi-Fi: for automatic video file download.

4-channel mini Car DVR

- GPS: for map, location, and route tracking; BDS/GLONASS system optional.

4-channel mini Car DVR

- Pixels: resolution adjustable to 1080P, 720P, or D1.

- Performance: IP67 rated, waterproof, dustproof, and weatherproof.

- IVMS: powerful software platform offering remote preview, playback, broadcasting, intercom, and more.


4-channel mini Car DVR

The 4-channel mini Car DVR is suitable for public transportation fleets, logistics and delivery fleets, taxi and ride-hailing fleets, school bus fleets, police and emergency vehicles, engineering and construction vehicles, tour buses, and rental car fleets. YUWEI has sold over 300,000 mini Car DVRs, which are used by fleets in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Germany, the UK, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Malaysia, Kuwait, and Turkey. YUWEI is your best supplier choice.

4 Channel mini Car DVR

4 Channel mini Car DVR

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Do you support Car DVR customization?

Yes, we support customization. Please discuss your functional requirements with our engineers.

How can I get a sample of the Car DVR?

Hello, if you need a sample for testing, please contact us at (hello@yuweitek.com).

Are you a Car DVR manufacturer or an agent?

We are a manufacturer. Our factory is located in Dongguan, China, with 15,000 square meters of space, and our headquarters are in Shenzhen. We welcome overseas customers to visit, and we will provide shuttle service. We also have English-speaking staff to assist you throughout the visit.
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