Commercial Vehicle DVR Camera System

Date Time: September 28, 2023
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Commercial Vehicle DVR Camera System

Commercial Vehicle DVR Camera System F4 is a new generation vehicle dvr camera system based on industrial-grade core high-speed processing chip. It integrates functions such as high-precision positioning with BeiDou/GPS dual-mode, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), DSM (Driver State Monitoring), BSD (Blind Spot Detection), intelligent driving warning systems, 4G/5G/WIFI wireless network transmission, satellite positioning, secure data storage, cluster intercom, facial recognition, license plate recognition, remote command and dispatch, alarm input/output, and expansion of serial peripheral devices. It fully meets the requirements of all-weather monitoring in various driving conditions.

Commercial Vehicle DVR Camera System

The vehicle dvr camera system can be widely applied in industries such as buses, construction machinery, and special vehicles.

Functions of the vehicle camera dvr system

• Video:

The terminal adopts H264/H265 video compression technology and dedicated streaming media format. It supports real-time monitoring of 6 channels of images, scheduled recording, event recording, and alarm recording functions. It can support the acquisition of 6 channels of 720P analog high-definition video, with optional image resolutions of 720P/D1.

• Large storage capacity:

It uses SD cards and hard drives (solid-state/mechanical) to store images and videos. The storage capacity is determined based on customer choices. It uses a patented-level streaming media file system to ensure the security of video and data files in the in-vehicle environment.

• Image transmission:

Real-time transmission of monitoring videos can be achieved through 5G/4G wireless networks, with adjustable dual-stream transmission rates. It supports remote snapshots and uploading of pictures based on alarm events.

• Multimedia analysis:

It uses multimedia driving record analysis software, which can achieve synchronized audio and video playback, conditional playback, clip storage, license plate overlay, geospatial information and driving record overlay, event analysis, and record extraction.

• Vehicle monitoring:

Functions include automatic monitoring and positioning of vehicles, area setting, electronic fencing, GPS mileage statistics, vehicle mileage statistics, blind zone reporting, trajectory storage, and base station-assisted positioning.

• Signal detection and control:

8 signal inputs, 1 signal output, 5V power control.

• Alarms:

Emergency alarm, parking overtime alarm, speeding alarm, speeding warning, fatigue driving alarm, deviation from the route alarm, power failure, low battery alarm, GPS failure alarm, GPS/4G antenna short/open circuit alarm, etc.

• Driving recorder:

The terminal has a vehicle driving record function, which continuously records and stores vehicle driving status data at 1-second intervals. The driving data includes real-time time during vehicle operation, average speed within each second interval, and corresponding status signals. The effective data recording period is not less than the most recent 48 unit hours. The speed recording unit is kilometers per hour (km/h), with a measurement range of 0 km/h to 220 km/h.

• Automotive driving analysis:

Supports the analysis of driving behaviors through vehicle data (CAN, analog signal data, etc.) such as rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration, idle driving, emergency braking, etc.

• Cloud guardian:

Supports remote fault diagnosis and debugging, remote automatic program maintenance, remote parameter configuration, and terminal operation statistics for remote "cloud" guardian functions. It improves the efficiency of equipment installation and maintenance, saving maintenance time and costs.

• Road detection:

Implements yaw warning, segmented speed limit prompts and alarms, entry/exit reports, and station-related controls.

• Voice and communication:

Remote monitoring function, voice prompt function, and TTS text-to-speech broadcast function.

• Voice installation assistant:

It can automatically detect external signal lines, external devices, and set parameters. It uses voice prompts for installation interaction detection, helping installation personnel perform self-checks to ensure correct device installation.

Introduction to vehicle dvr camera system

F4, a cutting-edge high-definition intelligent Al mobile DVR. Built with an industri-al-grade core high-speed processing chip, it combines global 4G wireless transmis-sion, WIFI communication, DVR functionality, and BDS/GPS dual-mode positioning.

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