Truck 360 Degree Camera Systems

Truck 360 Degree Camera System

Date Time: June 17, 2024
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Truck 360 Degree Camera Systems

Hidden Dangers of Blind Spots in Trailers, Semi-Trailers, and Trucks

Trailers, semi-trailers, and trucks are among the most common vehicles on the road. Due to their long bodies, they have very serious visual blind spots. These blind spots, if not carefully monitored, can lead to severe traffic accidents, causing minor injuries or even life-threatening and property-damaging incidents for pedestrians and other vehicles.


Truck 360 Degree Camera Systems

Moreover, there are potential risks in complex road conditions. For example, on rugged mountain roads, it becomes more difficult for drivers to judge whether the width of the vehicle can pass safely. Misjudgments can result in catastrophic accidents. Due to the inherent structural properties of trailers, semi-trailers, and trucks, drivers mainly rely on their experience to manage blind spots while driving. However, it's impossible for drivers to be 100% accurate all the time, making it essential to find an effective monitoring system to address the blind spot issues of these vehicles.


Four Major Blind Spots of Trailers, Semi-Trailers, and Trucks

The visual blind spots of trailers can be divided into four main parts. The most deadly are the blind spots on the left and right sides of the vehicle, which are often the culprits of major accidents. Every day, traffic accidents involving trailers occur, replaying the same tragedy. We must take vehicle visual safety issues seriously.


Truck 360 Degree Camera Systems

Secondly, the rear of the vehicle is a complete blind spot. If a motor vehicle follows too closely, the driver cannot assess the situation behind, leading to potential collision accidents. The blind spot in front of the vehicle should also not be ignored. Due to the high cabin height of trailers, at intersections with pedestrian crossings, if a non-motor vehicle is directly in front, it can easily cause accidents.


Truck 360 Degree Camera Systems

How to Solve the Blind Spot Problem

So, how can we effectively solve the blind spot problem of trailers? With the continuous innovation in engineering vehicle technology, many vehicle manufacturers are equipping vehicles with blind spot safety monitoring systems. This measure has proven to be the most effective solution to date! China's YUWEI has launched a 360-degree panoramic blind spot monitoring system specifically for trucks, which comprehensively solves the four major blind spots around trailers, semi-trailers, and trucks, allowing drivers to easily monitor the surroundings of their vehicles.


360-Degree Panoramic Monitoring System for Trailers

The complete 360-degree panoramic system comprises eight components: four panoramic cameras (front, rear, left, and right), two side-view cameras for the trailer plate, a radar host, a 14.5-inch IPS vehicle-mounted touch display, and a set of three-way large trailer spring cables.


This vehicle-mounted display is a wide-body monitor developed for large vehicles' 360-degree panoramic view, equivalent to two 16:9 screens combined. It has ultra-high resolution and can display more camera views through the ultra-wide screen, solving the issue of single monitors being unable to display multiple views. It is mainly used for special vehicles, trailers, engineering vehicles, and fire trucks.


Additionally, this display features intelligent touch control, allowing drivers to quickly switch menu functions. It has a light sensor that supports automatic brightness adjustment for day and night—90% brightness during the day and 35% at night, preventing overly bright screens from affecting driving safety at night.


The vehicle-mounted cameras are IP67 waterproof, easily withstanding harsh weather conditions. Installed at the front, rear, left, and right sides of the vehicle, the trailer plate is also equipped with two cameras, reducing the risk to pedestrians and other vehicles. The 180° field of view not only reduces damage to the vehicle and cargo but more importantly, effectively solves the blind spot issue, avoiding traffic accidents and casualties.


The ultrasonic radar host supports 16 probes in four directions, combined with a speed sensor and proprietary algorithms, communicating in real-time with the 360-degree panoramic view. The radar information is intuitively displayed on the 360-degree vehicle model, supporting enhanced right-side blind spot (BSD) detection and lane change assistance (LCA). The radar links with the sound and light alarm, achieving blind spot alert functionality. This greatly addresses the blind spots of trailers, ensuring the safety of both the driver and pedestrians on the road.


Monitoring System Installation Details

Truck camera system solution

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