CCTV Camera in Bus

CCTV DVR Camera in Bus

Date Time: March 05, 2024
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CCTV Camera in Bus

As an essential mode of transportation that alleviates traffic pressure, reduces traffic accidents, improves the traffic environment, and lowers environmental pollution, buses play an indispensable role in urban transportation. Utilizing new-generation information technology to enhance operational efficiency, improve service levels, and ensure public safety poses a fresh challenge for the current bus industry.


Since 2006, China YUWEI has been involved in the bus sector and, after 18 years of technological advancement, has developed a comprehensive bus monitoring product system. Targeting the bus industry, YUWEI offers a complete set of intelligent bus solutions, including onboard CCTV monitoring terminal systems, intelligent monitoring systems for safe driving cabins, driver behavior monitoring systems, advanced driver assistance systems, blind spot pedestrian detection systems, anti-terrorism capture systems, and bus platforms.


CCTV DVR Camera in Bus Supplier

Bus Management Platform

The bus platform, when paired with onboard monitoring terminal systems, provides functions such as scheduling management, bus dispatching, real-time monitoring, video playback, and evidence viewing. This effectively reduces the workload of bus dispatch personnel and lowers the manpower costs of bus operating companies.


Driver Position Cameras

The intelligent monitoring system for safe driving cabins utilizes cameras installed inside bus cabins to alert drivers of smoking, phone usage, fatigue driving, one-handed driving, two-handed driving, and failure to wear seat belts, thus significantly reducing traffic accidents caused by such behaviors.


Advanced Driver Assistance System

Equipped with long and short focal dual-lens cameras, the advanced driver assistance system (Dual-Monitor ADAS) focuses on various sudden situations during vehicle travel, helping drivers anticipate risks in advance and take timely measures such as braking and steering to avoid potential road hazards.


Behavior Detection Cameras

To address frequent unsafe driving behaviors among bus drivers such as fatigue, smoking, phone usage, and distraction, the advanced driver behavior monitoring system (DSM) can detect various driving states in real-time and issue timely alerts.


Blind Spot Pedestrian Detection System

The blind spot pedestrian detection system (BSD) helps drivers monitor blind spots and uses AI visual technology to detect pedestrians approaching vehicle blind spots, ensuring the maximum reduction of severe traffic accidents caused by driving blind spots.

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