Police car dash cam vehicle camera system

Date Time: September 18, 2023
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Author: Yuwei

Police car dash cam vehicle camera system

Yuwei dash cam is a vehicle surveillance system specially designed for police cars. It consists of a vehicle pan-tilt camera, vehicle bracket, lifting lighting, vehicle video recorder, and a 2-in-1 keyboard display. It can monitor the situation inside and outside the vehicle in real-time, providing law enforcement officers with comprehensive monitoring and protection.

Police car dash cam vehicle camera system

It is widely used in various scenarios in the law enforcement industry, such as patrol vehicles, police cars, fire trucks, etc. The system can monitor the situation of law enforcement officers inside the car in real-time, record their behavior, and prevent violations and other problems. At the same time, it can also monitor the road conditions outside the car, record the driving trajectory, and provide strong evidence for case investigation.

This system has GPS/BDS real-time positioning function and supports 1080p HD video recording and playback. Additionally, the system has a variety of intelligent analysis functions, such as face recognition, license plate recognition, behavior analysis, etc., which can provide law enforcement officers with more accurate information and a more efficient workflow.

In addition to the above product features, Yuweitek's dynamic vehicle monitoring system has the following advantages:

1. High reliability: The system adopts high-quality materials and a strict quality control process, allowing it to operate continuously in harsh working environments with long-term stability and reliability.

2. Easy installation and operation: The system features a standardized design and a simple operation process, enabling quick and convenient installation and configuration without requiring complicated training.

3. Low maintenance cost: The system utilizes advanced technology and design to automatically detect faults and perform quick repairs, thereby reducing system maintenance costs and repair cycles, and improving system availability and stability.

The Yuweitek vehicle monitoring system provides a full range of monitoring and recording functions for the law enforcement industry. It helps law enforcement officers better grasp the situation, improve the efficiency and quality of law enforcement, and ensure public safety and social stability.

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