The Best Truck gps with Dash Cam

Date Time: September 16, 2023
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Author: ROYI

The Best Truck gps with Dash Cam

For truck operators, choosing the right GPS dash cam is critical. Yuweitek's V5 is recognized as the best choice. It has functions such as high-definition camera, ADAS, DSM, GPS/BDS positioning and cargo security monitoring, and supports features such as face recognition, non-mask recognition and people counting.


The Best Truck gps with Dash Cam

1. Video monitoring

V5 is equipped with high-definition 4-way cameras, which provide a full range of vision and record important driving information.

2. Advanced functions

support ADAS and DSM technology, timely warning of fatigue driving and dangerous behavior, and improve driver safety.

3. Positioning and tracking

Integrate GPS/Beidou positioning system to view the position, track and speed in real time, improving transportation safety and management efficiency.

4. Driver status monitoring

through intelligent sensors to detect closed eyes, head down, etc., to ensure the safety of the driver's behavior.

5. Cargo and gasoline security monitoring

connected with temperature, humidity and access control sensors to ensure the status of the cargo and prevent theft.

6. Intelligent functions

including face recognition, non-mask recognition and people counting, improving safety and management efficiency.



Choosing Yuweitek's V5 as a GPS Dash Cam can meet various needs of truck operators, including video surveillance, driving safety, location tracking, driver status monitoring, cargo and gasoline safety, and smart functions. V5 will bring greater safety and management efficiency to truck operators.

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