School Bus Video Surveillance Camera System

Date Time: September 22, 2023
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School Bus Video Surveillance Camera System

Traditional school bus management faces various issues such as speeding, drivers with bad habits like driving with one hand or not paying full attention to the road, overloading of buses, drivers violating traffic rules by running red lights or opening and closing the doors improperly, and not following the prescribed route.

School Bus Video Surveillance Camera System

Yuweitek School Bus Video Surveillance Camera Systems consists of three main components: the vehicle monitoring system, wireless transmission network, and supervisory command center.

Vehicle Monitoring System

The monitoring host connects cameras, pickups, alarms, GPS, intercom devices, card readers, vehicle signal lines, 3G/Wifi modules, and other equipment. It collects video footage from inside and outside the vehicle, audio information, alarm data, real-time GPS information, personnel information, and vehicle driving status. This system enables local storage of all this information, real-time voice communication, intelligent analysis, automatic monitoring, and alarm functions. The data is then uploaded to the supervision and command center platform for further processing via a wireless network. This comprehensive monitoring system assists drivers in performing services such as alarms, prompts, and voice calls.

The on-board monitoring system, installed on school buses, allows for video and audio monitoring during operation. It consists of a monitoring host, cameras, pickup heads, GPS positioning systems, alarm buttons, wireless transmission modules, and other equipment. In emergency situations, this system ensures proper handling of vehicle alarms.

School Bus Video Surveillance Camera System

Introduction to Vehicle System Equipment

1. Front view camera: monitors road conditions ahead;

2. Door camera: monitors student boarding and disembarking, as well as driver and teacher activities;

3. Front compartment camera: monitors students in the front compartment;

4. Rear compartment camera: monitors students in the rear compartment;

5. Driver alarm button: allows the driver to send an emergency alarm to the platform;

6. Display: provides single-channel or multi-channel monitoring images for the driver or teacher to view, facilitating reversing;

7. Swipe card machine: records driver and teacher attendance, student boarding records, and sounds an alarm if a student fails to disembark;

8. Intercom handle: allows the driver to communicate with the monitoring center immediately during emergencies.

The school bus video surveillance camera systems achieve the following functions:

Remote real-time monitoring and positioning

Through the 3G/4G wireless network, remote real-time monitoring, driving track search, and playback are possible, effectively promoting safe driving practices by drivers.

By utilizing the GPS satellite positioning system along with real-time traffic updates, the monitoring center can provide emergency command and dispatch assistance, as well as share traffic information.

Audio and video recording and playback

Supports simultaneous recording and playback of 4-channel 720P high-definition video and audio, ensuring comprehensive security monitoring coverage;

Enables automatic downloading of local video through WiFi, as well as remote video search, download, and analysis playback.

Emergency alarm

Allows for the configuration of alarm prompts for abnormal oil levels, overspeeding, or sending text messages and emails when swiping a card;

In case of special emergencies, pressing the photoelectric alarm output evacuates traffic and grants priority passage;

During security incidents like robberies, the alarm button can be used to quickly report to the management center, providing immediate access to on-site video footage for recording or capturing evidence.

Peripheral device integration

Connects with an ultrasonic oil quantity sensor to detect abnormal fuel levels and prevent fuel theft incidents;

Links with a speed pulser to discourage speeding and reduce traffic accidents;

Connects with an IC card reader and SMS modem to send SMS notifications to parents' mobile phones when swiping the IC card;

Integration with a digital walkie-talkie allows for voice intercom and scheduling between the management center and drivers.

Management center system

Enables real-time monitoring and traffic guidance during exceptional circumstances such as traffic jams;

Handles alarm information processing, remote equipment upgrades, parameter settings, and control;

Collects driver assessment data regarding abnormal fuel levels, overloading, speeding, driving habits, and calls made, providing data support for the school's evaluation of school bus drivers.

Mobile phone viewing

Managers can log in to the client through mobile phones or computers to view real-time operations of school buses.

School Bus Camera Systems Q&A

Do school buses have dashcams?

School buses do not always come equipped with dashcams, but their implementation significantly enhances student safety by deterring improper behavior, promoting responsible conduct, and improving driver safety. Therefore, it is recommended that all school buses be fitted with dashcams.

What are the benefits of installing dashcams on school buses?

Dashcams inside and outside the bus capture clear video and audio, aiding in addressing student discipline and driver safety concerns. YUWEI provides camera systems, fleet management, 360-degree panoramic cameras, and driver assistance for school and commercial fleets.

Do bus cameras have night vision capabilities?

School bus cameras help drivers see vehicles, obstacles, and children behind the bus. Our rearview monitors offer ultra-clear color images with built-in speakers, while our waterproof cameras feature infrared night vision. YUWEI is a leading provider of backup camera systems for the school bus industry.

Where are the CCTV cameras on buses located?

Externally, vehicles typically have five cameras: one forward-facing, two rear-facing, and one on each side for passing vehicles/pedestrians.

How much does a school bus camera system cost?

The cost of a single YUWEI vehicle camera is US$25. Our school bus camera system will be equipped with 5-8 vehicle cameras, as well as products such as Mobile DVR and vehicle display. You can get the specific cost with us ""
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