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Date Time: November 08, 2023
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Semi-Truck Camera Systems Solution

The YUWEI Semi-Truck Camera Systems are equipped with multiple cameras, providing 360-degree panoramic parking assistance, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System), GPS/BDS positioning, 1080p video recording, dash cam, Mobile DVR host, and other hardware. It is the preferred product for semi-truck fleet managers!

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Semi-Truck Camera Systems Solution

​Challenges in Semi Truck Tracking and Management

Vehicle GPS Tracking

Managers need to ensure effective monitoring of the real-time location and status of vehicles, especially in large-scale logistics transportation, addressing technical issues such as real-time positioning, communication connectivity, and data integration.


Transportation Efficiency and Scheduling

Efficiently planning semi-truck routes and loading schedules to maximize transportation efficiency, minimize empty runs, and consider factors such as cargo handling and transfer times.


Regular Maintenance

Ensuring the technical condition and safety of vehicles through regular maintenance, troubleshooting, and handling of emergency situations.


Non-compliant Driving Behavior

Monitoring drivers for fatigue, drunk driving, smoking, phone usage, and other non-compliant driving behaviors.


Cargo and Semi-Truck Security Management

Addressing security risks such as traffic accidents, lost or damaged goods.


Accountability After Accidents

Installing real-time monitoring and positioning dash cams to determine responsibility after accidents.

Functions of Semi-Truck Monitoring Camera Systems

1. Real-time Monitoring

- Camera systems can monitor the situation inside and outside the vehicle, including driver behavior, surrounding traffic conditions, and provide real-time monitoring of cargo.


2. Accident Recording

- Dash cams record video and data of the vehicle's movement, including speed, direction, serving as crucial evidence for accident liability determination.


3. Driver Behavior Monitoring

- Camera systems can monitor driver behavior, such as seat belt usage, fatigue, and compliance with regulations, enhancing driving behavior standardization and safety.


4. Anti-theft Function

- Monitoring camera systems can be used for anti-theft purposes, allowing tracking of suspects in the event of vehicle or cargo theft.


5. Location Tracking

- Dash cams typically record the vehicle's travel trajectory and position information, aiding management in understanding real-time vehicle location and route.


6. Remote Monitoring

- Some systems support remote monitoring, enabling management to view the vehicle's real-time status through mobile phones or computers.


7. Data Storage and Management

- Video and driving data are stored and managed for future reference, analysis, and use.


The integration of these functions can enhance semi-truck safety, management efficiency, and provide essential data support for accident handling, vehicle scheduling, and driver behavior assessment.

Features of Semi-Truck Camera Systems

Video Surveillance

- Full-angle high-definition real-time video surveillance with no blind spots

- Wireless real-time intercom

- Speeding video evidence

- Remote dispatch


Fuel Consumption Detection

- Automatic weighing sensor for weighing and uploading to the platform

- Real-time fuel consumption monitoring


Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

- Driver distraction, smoking, looking around, yawning, answering phone, hands off the steering wheel, special attention to the front car, deviation from the road, etc.


Statistical Data

- Driving records, clock-in duration, number of violations, etc.

Problems Addressed by Semi-Truck Camera Systems

1. Intelligent Monitoring

- Intelligent monitoring of the driving process, ADAS driving anomaly warnings, DSM fatigue warnings, intelligent collection and storage of driving anomaly video evidence.


2. 4G Real-time Intercom

- Real-time intercom between the center and vehicles via 4G network, low latency, and more convenient communication.


3. Support for Multiple Channels

- Supports up to 8 channels of high-definition cameras, enabling comprehensive real-time monitoring of work environments and real-time detection of work states like forward and reverse gear, air conditioning, etc.

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Semi-Truck Camera Systems Solution
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Features of Semi-Truck Camera Systems
Problems Addressed by Semi-Truck Camera Systems
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