Tow Truck Tracking System Solution

Date Time: December 14, 2023
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Why track tow trucks?

There are two common types of tow trucks, one primarily used for towing disabled and accident vehicles, and another for hauling regular cargo trailers. With the increasing number of vehicles on the road and the frequency of accidents, the use of tow trucks has also increased. It is important to ensure that the tow trucks follow their designated routes and that the cargo being towed is secure. Additionally, monitoring driver behavior and adherence to regulations is crucial. This is where a tow truck tracking system comes in.

Tow Truck Tracking System

YUWEI Tow Truck Tracking Management System integrates GPS/BDS satellite positioning technology. It utilizes global satellite positioning systems to track the location of the vehicles. Through the satellite positioning query platform, users can view real-time vehicle locations and track them using the YUWEI Tow Truck Tracking System.

Features of the YUWEI Tow Truck Tracking System

1. One-click GPS satellite tracking: Utilizing GPS/BDS satellite positioning technology, users can obtain real-time vehicle location information with a single click, allowing them to monitor the vehicle's operational status.

2. One-click trajectory query: Real-time continuous positioning of vehicles and display of their trajectories on a map, providing visual representations of the vehicle's movement during a specific time period for easy reference.

Other functions of the Tow Truck Tracking Management System

- Driver behavior monitoring (ADAS+DSM)

- Statistical data reports (mileage, fuel consumption, violations, maintenance, etc.)

- Geofencing function (automatic vehicle lock when leaving designated areas)

- Alarms and notifications (one-click emergency alerts)

Benefits of the Tow Truck Tracking Management System

1. Real-time GPS positioning for easy customer access and understanding.

2. Support for real-time remote video monitoring to provide customers with peace of mind.

3. Driver behavior monitoring to enhance fleet safety.

Tow Truck Tracking System Installation Case

YUWEI Tow Truck Tracking System has been installed in over 3,000 sets in China and over 500 sets in Brazil.

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Why track tow trucks?
Features of the YUWEI Tow Truck Tracking System
Other functions of the Tow Truck Tracking Management System
Benefits of the Tow Truck Tracking Management System
Tow Truck Tracking System Installation Case

Frequently Asked Questions

Tow Truck Tracking System features

1. Real-time 1080p video monitoring: Equipped with a 4G network, it supports real-time viewing of both interior and exterior video footage of the truck, allowing monitoring of the truck's operational status and cargo condition.

2. High-definition video recording: The Tow Truck Tracking System comes with cloud storage capability, enabling the recording and cloud-based storage of surveillance footage for later playback and review.

3. Remote control access: The 4G network allows remote control by management personnel (e.g., locking the vehicle), enabling access to the monitoring system via the internet or mobile network to view real-time footage of the truck anytime, anywhere.

4. One-touch alarm: The system can be set up with various alarm methods such as sound alarms and motion detection alarms. In case of any abnormal situations, users will be promptly alerted.

5. GPS tracking: The YUWEI Tow Truck Tracking System is equipped with a GPS tracker, allowing real-time tracking of the truck's location for convenient management and monitoring purposes.

6. Video analysis/statistical reports: The YUWEI Tow Truck Tracking System includes reporting and statistical functions, automatically identifying and alarming deviations from routes, collisions, and abnormal behaviors. Data reports for a month or a specific period can be compiled for administrator reference.

Tow Truck Tracking System configuration

We will be equipped with an integrated dashcam that includes GPS, front and rear dual cameras, night vision, and other features. Additionally, it will include a Mobile DVR.

Why should your Tow truck fleet use vehicle tracking management?

1. Truck GPS tracking allows managers to have a clear understanding of the current location of the fleet.

2. The use of a tracking management system with 1080p cameras enables managers to monitor the interior of the vehicle, including the driver's status.

3. Equipping AI DASH CAM allows the fleet to have evidence for insurance claims in case of accidents and other incidents.

4. With the one-click alarm feature, drivers can easily trigger an alarm and send real-time location information in case of extortion, robbery, or other emergencies, helping managers respond effectively.

5. The system generates various statistical reports, including mileage, route maps, fuel consumption, and instances of violations. It also provides trend analysis based on the data, making fleet management more convenient for managers.

What is a Tow truck tracking management system?

truck tracking management system allows managers to remotely view real-time detailed data of their fleet. This includes information such as mileage, fuel consumption, GPS location, vehicle condition, driver status, and more. All of this data can be accessed remotely from the management system backend.
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