Container handlers cameras system

Container handlers Security cameras system

Date Time: June 18, 2024
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Container handlers cameras system

In a bustling port, every second counts in the battle for efficiency and safety. Drivers need to be fully focused while operating vehicles, as any distraction can lead to safety risks and economic losses. This is especially critical when container handlers are in operation without the ability to simultaneously monitor monitor screens and lacking reverse radar warnings, further increasing risks. To address this, we introduce the container handlers Security cameras system—a system that seamlessly integrates reverse camera imaging with ultrasonic radar capabilities. In this article, we delve into its details and redefine safety standards for port operations.


Container handlers cameras system

Safety Alerts

In busy port operations, even the slightest collision can lead to serious consequences. Traditional reverse radars often have blind spots. To combat this, China's YUWEI has independently developed a container handlers Security cameras system featuring four high-performance cameras that ensure comprehensive rear detection. Sensors not only detect nearby objects but also calculate their distance and speed using precise algorithms, providing real-time feedback to operators to effectively prevent collision risks.


The latest AI image algorithm technology offers higher alert accuracy with lower false alarm rates and can identify a wider range of obstacles, not limited to pedestrians and vehicles. It provides drivers with a more convenient and efficient driving assistance experience. It also supports GPS positioning, electronic fences, ADAS, DSM, fuel consumption monitoring, and other additional features.


It also features a three-level customizable alert zone prompt function. This design allows operators to set alert distances based on actual conditions, enabling graded responses from long-distance warnings to emergency braking. Whether in narrow yards or open loading and unloading areas, precise alert prompts ensure complete control over every reversing maneuver.


AI Intelligence, Precise Recognition

The system's core competence lies in its AI intelligent cameras. These are not just "eyes"; through high-precision image processing algorithms, the cameras can accurately identify vehicle types and human forms in the scene. Even in complex and changing lighting conditions and dynamic environments, they swiftly locate and issue alerts, significantly reducing false alarms. With the addition of NPU (Neural Processing Unit), non-critical disturbances such as swaying branches or passing animals are effectively filtered out, ensuring every alert is accurate.


Waterproof, Corrosion-resistant, Durable and Reliable

Facing the harsh working environment of the port, equipment durability is crucial. Our cameras have passed rigorous IP69K waterproof testing, ensuring stable operation even under high-pressure washing and extreme weather conditions. The housing is made of special materials and has undergone strict salt spray testing, effectively resisting common acids and alkalis in port environments, extending service life and reducing maintenance costs.


Container handlers cameras system

Ease of Operation, High-tech Sensation

We also provide a 7-inch touchscreen HD display, offering clear and intuitive visual feedback. Operators can directly touch the screen to operate various functions, enhancing operational flexibility and convenience. Whether in bright sunlight or dim environments, adjusting settings is effortless, providing complete control for seamless operations.


This configuration of the container handlers Security cameras system can also be adapted for other construction vehicles such as excavators, dump trucks, and cranes.

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