Truck Camera Recording System Solution

Date Time: November 09, 2023
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Truck Camera recording System Solution

YUWEI achieves the operation of the entire truck camera system by carrying mobile DVR, horn, walkie-talkie, BSD camera, acoustic and light alarm, ADAS camera, DSM camera, rear-view camera, HOD camera, vehicle monitoring camera, anti-oil theft camera, etc. on the truck.

Truck Camera recording System

Truck Camera recording System provides the following functions

  • Rear-view monitoring camera in the cabin: monitors the status of the goods in the cabin.

  • Cabin monitoring camera: installed in the driver's cabin of the bus, it can alert the driver's abnormal behavior such as playing with mobile phones, one-hand driving, two-hand driving and not wearing seat belts, so as to comprehensively reduce traffic accidents caused by these reasons.

  • DVR terminal: provides real-time communication/positioning, remote real-time preview, video data storage, vehicle operation data storage, speeding alarm and other services for vehicles, providing powerful technical support for local data storage and remote online management of vehicles, helping the industry solve vehicle basic management problems.

  • DSM camera: driver status monitoring camera, monitors and alerts fatigue driving, smoking, making phone calls, distraction, not wearing seat belts and other non-standard driving behavior of the driver during driving, thus standardizing driving and reducing traffic accident rates.

  • ADAS camera: advanced driving assistance function, which can achieve lane departure warning, front vehicle collision warning, and insufficient distance warning.

  • Oil tank monitoring camera: prevents oil theft.

  • Rear-view camera: provides vehicle rear-view images.

  • Blind spot detection camera: monitors the right blind spot. If a humanoid object is detected, it gives a voice alarm to the driver and alerts pedestrians through an external acoustic and light alarm device. At the same time, it monitors the right side of the vehicle.

Forward monitoring camera in the cabin: monitors the status of goods in the cabin.

Other expansion functions:

· Tire pressure monitoring system

· Temperature sensor

· Oil sensor

Core technology

Face recognition algorithm
ADAS active safety
DSM driver status analysis algorithm

Truck Camera recording System cost

The cost of a single truck camera is 20 $ US dollars, but the entire system requires multiple cameras (this depends on customer needs) as well as other hardware and software platform support, so please consult with our engineers for a quote:

We are located in China. Among similar product performance, our cost is the most cost-effective.

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Truck Camera recording System Solution
Truck Camera recording System provides the following functions
Core technology
Truck Camera recording System cost

Truck Camera System Q&A

What are the benefits of installing a dashcam on an Truck?

Dashcams installed both inside and outside an Truck can capture clear video and audio, aiding in addressing fuel theft and driver safety concerns. YUWEI provides camera systems, fleet management, 360-degree panoramic cameras, and driver assistance for commercial fleets of Trucks.

Does the dashcam for Trucks have night vision capability?

Yes, the dashcam for Trucks can help drivers see vehicles and obstacles behind the truck. Our rear-view monitors provide ultra-clear color images with built-in speakers, and our waterproof cameras feature infrared night vision. YUWEI is a leading supplier of reverse camera systems for the Truck industry.

What is the price of the dashcam system for Trucks?

The cost of a single YUWEI vehicle-mounted camera is $25. Our Truck camera system comes equipped with 5-8 vehicle-mounted cameras, as well as a vehicle-mounted DVR, display screen, and other products. For specific pricing, you can contact us at "".

Where does the dashcam system for Trucks ship from?

Our headquarters are located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, with two factories in Hubei and Dongguan. Shipments are manufactured in Shenzhen.

What certifications does the dashcam system for Trucks have?

Our products have certifications such as the U.S. FCC certification, EU CE certification, UK UKCA certification, etc.

Does the dashcam system for Trucks come with backend software?

We have our own developed fleet management center. Fleet managers can clearly view the vehicle's driving status through the backend.
Communicating with us can make you find a better fleet management equipment supplier
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