Truck Fleet GPS Tracking Management Systems

Truck GPS Tracking Management System

Date Time: June 19, 2024
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Truck Fleet GPS Tracking Management Systems

Do you have the following concerns?

   - Difficulty in truck tracking management

   - Unclear vehicle usage

   - Challenges in duration and mileage statistics

   - Difficulties in statistical analysis


Truck Fleet GPS Tracking Management

   YUWEI has launched a new truck tracking management system that can greatly enhance the safety of your fleet and facilitate remote real-time tracking and management.

Truck Fleet GPS Tracking Management System

Features of the Truck Tracking Management System

   1. BDS + GPS Dual Satellite Precision Positioning

   The device supports BDS + GPS dual satellite positioning, simultaneously receiving and transmitting signals to achieve global real-time cross-precision positioning. It is more accurate and faster than ordinary positioning systems.


   2. Real-time Monitoring with Stable Signal

   The GPS device connects with the vehicle's power supply to ensure 24/7 online real-time monitoring. It features wide voltage, low power consumption, and does not harm the battery. Even if the vehicle's battery is removed, the built-in battery can keep the device working for about 3 hours.


   3. Track Playback and Full Control

   Driving routes, stop times, speed, direction, and mileage are automatically saved on the cloud platform. The mobile app can check track records within 180 days, providing complete control and convenience.


   4. Mileage Statistics and Report Records

   Both mobile software and computer terminals can calculate vehicle mileage for the day and month. Mileage reports can be exported as Excel files, facilitating vehicle management.


   5. Multi-vehicle Management and Simultaneous Monitoring

   Regardless of the number of vehicles, you can know their status anytime, anywhere, allowing flexible scheduling and convenient management.


   6. Vehicle ACC Ignition/Shutdown Detection

   The GPS monitoring platform supports ACC ignition/shutdown detection, allowing real-time monitoring of vehicle ignition or shutdown status for effective and standardized management.


   7. Street View and Real-Scene Maps

   3D high-definition street view maps provide 360-degree clear and unobstructed monitoring. The mobile app can view buildings near the vehicle location for quick vehicle finding.


   8. Satellite Map with Clear and Intuitive View

   Supports Google Maps, Gaode Maps, and Baidu Maps.


   9. Real-time Traffic Information for Convenient Travel

   Both the mobile app and computer client can view real-time traffic information, helping to avoid congested roads and the hassle of traffic jams.


   10. Electronic Fence with Entry/Exit Alarm

   Set the fence range and distance on the platform, and receive alarm prompts when entering or exiting the fence, ensuring control personnel are aware of whether vehicles are operating normally.


   11. Overspeed Alarm and Safety Prompt

   The platform can set a fixed overspeed value. If the vehicle exceeds the set speed, an alarm message is pushed to the platform.


   12. Parking Overtime Alarm

   Set parking duration on the platform. If the vehicle is parked longer than the set duration, an alarm message is sent to the platform.


   13. Power Cut Alarm for Continuous Alerts

   When the device is unplugged or the built-in battery is low, an alarm message is pushed to the platform.

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