Best Dash Cam for Fleet Vehicles in 2023

Date Time: September 25, 2023
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Best Dash Cam for Fleet Vehicles

Shenzhen yuweitek is the largest manufacturer of dash cams in China; the independently developed "V5" dash cam is the most popular vehicle dash cam product in mainland China in 2023; it has GPS/Beidou real-time positioning, real-time fault tracking, and remote parameter query It is a cost-effective intelligent vehicle terminal integrating satellite positioning, video surveillance and AI intelligent algorithm.

 Best Dash Cam for Fleet Vehicles

1. Main camera: 1080P/25FPS. Support ADAS functions: lane departure warning, forward approach warning, forward collision warning.

2. Wired extension camera:

1080P/25FPS. Support face recognition and night vision.

3. The third optional DSM camera: monitor driver status, fatigue, yawn, smoke, call, smart calibration, distracted driving, block camera, driver leave.

4. Event videos are automatically uploaded. When an incident occurs, V5 will send text alerts and video evidence to the platform. Such as FCW warning.

5. Remote platform management, users can perform remote control and save data logs on the remote management platform.

6. GPS tracking, real-time GPS tracking, blind spot GPS log, multiple alerts: speeding, geofencing, etc.

7. Audio talk. Speaker and microphone for two-way conversation through the platform.

8. SOS button. Press the wired SOS button to trigger the SOS alarm.


Parameter Classification

parameter item

parameter index


Basic parameters


Proactive camera and host are integrated, others are independent cameras

product type

4G DVR Car Video Terminal

network format

4G full Netcom






front camera

1080P, MIPI Camera ,

Requires 16 : 9, H: 112 ° V: 55 °

in-car camera

AHD 720P, with light sense/infrared night vision,

2-way 720 expansion (optional)

In-car DSM


AHD Camera, single pass, infrared night vision ,

Requires 16:9, H=60° V=42°

hardware function


Support: GPS+ Beidou




8 ohms 1.5 watts, 1 channel, with sound cavity


Built-in dual silicon wheat design


3-axis acceleration sensor


micro 5Pin USB


USB×1, data interface


No USB port

BMW seat

8Pin power supply (5-way IO input, SOS*2)



The standard version is 1 serial port ; 2 serial ports can be customized

SIM card holder

Micro SIM

Medium card holder, thickness standard is 0.76mm , do not use small card nesting (easy to loose)

TF deck


TF×2 ( support circular storage)


TF× 1 ( support circular storage)

Power supply

Power supply

Original car battery, 12V/24V power supply


indicator light

Reset button

Reuse Power key (hidden)

Press and hold the Power button for 8 seconds to reset

indicator light

2-color indicator light

Alarm key function

Standard emergency alarm connector


GPS antenna

Built-in ceramic antenna

4G antenna


WIFI antenna


TF memory card

4G ~ 2 TB, patented DXR stream storage format

electrical properties

Operating temperature

-20℃ ~ 70℃

storage temperature

-40℃ ~ 85℃

Static Protection

6KV contact, 10KV air

vibration test

car vibration

current consumption

When the working voltage is 12V, the current range is 500mA ~ 1A ( depending on whether the algorithm is turned on , etc. )

In flameout state: ≤3mA

other quality requirements

According to JT/T794 standard

(including hard testing, soft testing, reliability, quality, etc.)

If your fleet needs this dash cam, or the function needs to be customized, welcome to communicate with our engineers, we are yuweitek, the best manufacturer of dash cam in China;

best vehicle dash cam F4

Product link: Fleet Dash Cam

Best Affordable Dual Dash Cams

Best Affordable Dual Dash Cams

Best Affordable Dual Dash Cams

Best Dash Cam for Fleet Vehicles F4

What features do the best fleet vehicle dash cams have?

The best fleet vehicle dash cam should have multiple functions, including real-time location tracking, driving behavior monitoring, accident alarm and recording, remote data transmission, and more. In addition, it should support features such as video recording, voice commands, and multiple data interfaces.

What is the price of the best fleet vehicle onboard recorder?

The price of the best fleet vehicle onboard recorder varies depending on the brand, hardware and software features, as well as the quantity of the product purchased. Generally, these high-quality devices are priced higher, but they often offer better performance and reliability for fleet management. Our Yuwei V5 is widely used in European and American fleets. You are welcome to inquire and make purchases!

Why are fleet dash cams important for commercial fleets?

There are many reasons why vehicle onboard recorders are important for commercial fleets. They can:

1. Help save money for businesses by using video evidence to defend against fraudulent claims and prove driver innocence.

2. Provide 360-degree operational visibility through both interior and exterior cameras in the vehicle.

3. Identify unsafe driving events to provide personalized driver coaching and improve driver engagement.

4. Send real-time alerts to drivers when they deviate from lanes or get too close to other vehicles, reducing collision rates.

5. Utilize artificial intelligence to understand driver behaviors such as cellphone usage, smoking, eating, or drowsy driving.

These benefits highlight the importance of vehicle onboard recorders for commercial fleets in enhancing safety, reducing costs, and improving overall fleet management.

How long does footage stay on the commercial fleet dash cam?

The storage time for our video clips varies depending on each solution. However, the memory can be added and adjusted according to the customer's requirements. Our current products also support cloud-based data transmission, allowing you to transfer the video data you wish to permanently retain to the corresponding cloud storage. For more details, please feel free to communicate with our marketing personnel.

How do I check my fleet dash cam footage?

Yuwei's product configuration includes a software system backend where partners can view and manage video clips. On this platform, you can have a clear view of various data reports and statistical analysis reports.

What are the benefits of fleet dash cams?

The main benefit is improved management, as it allows administrators to have real-time knowledge of the fleet's location and the condition of its drivers, ensuring fleet safety.

Furthermore, it enables the collection of evidence to prevent litigation, warn drivers of unsafe conditions, proactively guide drivers in risk management, or provide security measures.

Our customers can choose the solution that best fits their specific fleet needs.

Communicating with us can make you find a better fleet management equipment supplier
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