Enterprise fleet management near me

Date Time: August 14, 2018
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Enterprise fleet management near me

Where is the fleet? Is it travelling on its normal route? Did it reach its destination in time?

Has the driver committed any driving offences? Is the fuel consumption normal? How much did you spend on road tolls?

Enterprise fleet management near me

How to easily, quickly and accurately obtain this information, and achieve the effect of cost reduction and efficiency, is to do fleet management must be addressed. Admittedly, there is a lot of information and data, but it is summarised in three aspects: safety, efficiency and cost.

To address the fleet management challenges, Yuwei has developed a fleet management solution that combines high-precision GPS/BD positioning, ultrasonic fuel monitoring, 4G video surveillance and other equipment to help companies carry out fleet management and scheduling, as well as to address the improper consumption of fuel by drivers, driver behavioural errors, and behavioural data analysis to provide a basis for fleet management, driver rewards and punishments.

Fleet Tracking management

Yuwei fleet management system can help managers 24 hours a day to grasp the vehicle travelling status, route status, in and out of the region, stopping time and so on. And through real-time road conditions to understand the vehicle in the road congestion; anytime, anywhere to view any vehicle in the fleet, any trip between the statistics and track playback, and can instantly share the vehicle information, so that fleet managers can be more efficient coordination of vehicles to command, improve punctuality and so on.

Yuwei fleet management system also through the video surveillance, active safety and other functions, to achieve the driving conditions, road information, vehicle operation, loading conditions of a full range of monitoring, and effectively avoid dangerous driving, bad driving and other situations to ensure driving safety.

Through the Yuwei fleet management system, managers can set up route planning, and if the driver deviates from the route, an alarm message will be sent to notify timely treatment.

At the same time, after installing the fuel consumption sensor, the driver can real-time fuel consumption data to understand the remaining fuel consumption of each vehicle, the number of each refuelling, if there is an abnormal fuel consumption event, the system will take the initiative to issue a warning notification, to facilitate the accurate management of the fleet control of fuel, to eliminate man-made fuel loss, in order to achieve the reduction of abnormal fuel loss.

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