Remote fuel monitoring system for vehicle

Date Time: March 03, 2016
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Remote fuel monitoring system for vehicle

Remote fuel monitoring system for vehicle: It can monitor the changes in fuel consumption of vehicles in real time and generate a report on the changes in fuel quantity in the historical period or a graph of fuel quantity, which can be displayed on the user's computer. It can intuitively react to the normal and abnormal consumption of fuel and insufficient refuelling quantity, etc., so as to achieve high-level and high-precision management of fuel consumption. Through the oil quantity sensor, the measured changes are converted into output signals, so as to linearly measure the height of the oil level (water level).


Remote fuel monitoring system for vehicle

First of all, let's explain the composition of Remote fuel monitoring system for vehicle. Vehicle fuel consumption remote monitoring and management system has: fuel consumption collection system, real-time transmission system, positioning system, video monitoring and management system, data analysis and statistical system, DEMO demonstration system and many other functions.


Remote fuel monitoring system for vehicle has the following functions:

1、Track playback

Historical track playback, including track playback function and mileage function.

2、Real-time monitoring

After the user logs in, the user can see the location, oil level and other information of all his vehicles and display them on the map. Vehicles can be searched by licence plate number, frame number, location and so on.

3、Alarm Management

The system automatically pops up the alarm prompt window when the vehicle speeds, enters or leaves the designated area, or the oil level or water level is abnormal. Screenshots of the alarm can be accessed in the background and mobile phone.

4、Oil level monitoring

Real-time view of the vehicle's current oil level value as well as the fleet's daily and monthly oil level statistics and analysis and comparison of each vehicle. Provide reference for whether to refuel or abnormal oil quantity. Related fuel level curve, fuel consumption statistics and analysis can be viewed in the report analysis.

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