A GPS-enabled Dash Cam provides Fleet safety

Date Time: June 24, 2021
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A GPS-enabled Dash Cam provides Fleet safety

These types of dashcams or dashcam series come with GPS (Global Positioning System) data logging capabilities. This means that these dashcams have a built-in GPS signal receiver to record the physical location of your vehicle while you drive. In addition to your location, GPS also tracks your speed. Later, when you play back video clips from the dashcam on your computer or laptop, you will also see synchronized Google (or similar) map views showing the movement of your vehicle and driving speed.

A GPS-enabled dashcam provides fleet vehicles

Why would someone want a dashcam with GPS? GPS location data doesn't lie. This information can be used to prove that you were at a specific location at a certain time. Alternatively, GPS speed information can protect you from unjust speeding fines (e.g., in cases where speed cameras or other devices malfunction or are improperly calibrated). One of the best reasons to use GPS data logging is that fleet owners can track the driving locations of their employees.

Will a dashcam drain my battery?

No. Although it has minimal power consumption, our dashcam can shut off after the vehicle engine is turned off. If you set the dashcam to monitor the vehicle after work, it can detect low car battery voltage and immediately cut off power.

Can I install a Yuwei dashcam by myself?

Yes. We provide easy-to-understand videos and product instructions.

Benefits of a GPS-enabled fleet dashcam:

1. Fleet GPS tracking allows you to know exactly what happened, helping you save time and money, while also protecting your drivers and maximizing efficiency, giving you peace of mind.

2. A suitable fleet dashcam system will help you protect and track your vehicles in real-time, providing overviews of driving distances, idle time, speeding events, and more.

3. Through fleet GPS tracking, you can document both road and cabin behavior, which can reduce risky driving. Fleet dashcams can also identify violations such as seatbelt infractions, distracted driving, littering, and other improper driver behaviors.

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