Two Channel Camera Bus Car DVR

Two Channel Camera Bus Car DVR

Date Time: October 31, 2023
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Author: YUWEI

Two Channel Camera Bus Car DVR

YUWEI's Two Channel Camera Bus Car DVR system adopts H.264/H.265 compression technology, supports real-time remote monitoring, and can achieve more intelligent and comprehensive vehicle management! At the same time, this intelligent MDVR adopts a multi-core processor and a powerful neural network inference engine, integrates ADAS, DMS, BSD, 360 panoramic view algorithms, and one MDVR can be matched with multiple powerful integrated machine systems to realize the vehicle-mounted video recorder integrating ADAS and DMS, 360 panoramic driving assistance system or blind spot detection system without the need for extra installation, which can further ensure safe driving and greatly save costs and installation time!

Two Channel Camera Bus Car DVR

The vehicle-mounted hard disk video recorder has the following features:

- Alarm recording, alarm information, log information, GPS trajectory, real-time video and image remote automatic upload, platform-based data intelligent analysis and management.

- Support network remote upgrade program; support GPS/Beidou satellite real-time positioning.

- Support 6-channel analog video input; including 2 channels of 1080P HD video, 2 channels of audio input, 1 channel of IPC input, 1 channel of CVBS output, full-range audio and video intelligent monitoring and recording.

- Data supports hard disk storage and SD card storage, dual storage ensures data security.

- Integrated artificial intelligence algorithm DMS+ADAS function, supports recognition, warning, recording, remote reporting, etc., to assist in fleet driving safety management.

- Support GPS trajectory adaptive sparse algorithm and offline upload, efficiently, completely, and accurately record vehicle GPS trajectory.

- Support H.264/H.265 encoding to improve storage space and wireless network traffic utilization.

- Waterproof rating: IP67, whole machine dustproof and waterproof, suitable for various environments inside and outside.

Two Channel Camera Bus Car DVR

Two-camera bus-mounted hard disk video recorder specifications:

YUWEI's two-camera bus-mounted hard disk video recorder system can provide comprehensive vehicle monitoring and management functions, helping the fleet to achieve higher-level safe driving management and data analysis. Whether it is real-time remote monitoring, GPS positioning, multi-functional recording or integrated artificial intelligence algorithms, it provides more intelligent and reliable solutions for the fleet. Its high-performance processor and multi-functional integration make it an integrated vehicle-mounted video recorder system, effectively reducing costs and installation time. Whether in urban or rural road environments, YUWEI's vehicle-mounted hard disk video recorder can operate stably and has excellent dustproof and waterproof performance, ensuring reliable operation and long-term use.

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