Blind Spot Detection System

Best Blind Spot Detection System

Date Time: January 31, 2024
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Blind Spot Detection System

For truck drivers, eliminating blind spots in vehicles and receiving early danger warnings is a critical issue. YUWE's truck blind spot detection system not only intelligently detects and alerts truck drivers to blind spots but also warns pedestrians to be cautious.

The truck blind spot detection system solution is designed to address road safety hazards caused by the blind spot during right turns of large trucks, providing a technological means of prevention. Ensuring road travel safety through technology, it is dedicated to road warnings, safeguarding safety!

Blind Spot Detection System

The truck blind spot detection system adopts an integrated innovative design, utilizing video and radar intelligent detection. It dynamically detects large vehicles in the right turn lane as well as pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles in the blind spot, providing two-way warnings for both drivers and pedestrians.

Through display screens and high-pitched horns, dynamic real-time reminders help large vehicles be aware in advance of pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles passing through, paying attention to blind spots. It also assists pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles in early detection of approaching vehicles from the left rear, advising caution during passage.

1. Two-way detection, precise identification

Real-time detection of oncoming traffic in the right turn lane, accurately distinguishing vehicle types, and real-time detection of pedestrians and non-motorized vehicle situations in the blind spot.

2. Two-way dynamic, real-time warnings

LED screens remind truck drivers to be aware of blind spot situations, while voice alerts caution pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles about approaching large vehicles from the left rear.

3. Strong environmental adaptability

Both the large vehicle detection module and the pedestrian/non-motorized vehicle detection module use multidimensional perception technology, ensuring high detection accuracy and being unaffected by environmental conditions.

4. Integrated design

The device can achieve both detection and warning functions with easy installation and debugging.

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