Truck GPS Tracking System Price

GPS Tracking for Fleet Vehicles Truck GPS Tracking System Price

Date Time: June 11, 2024
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Truck GPS Tracking System Price

Ultra-large transport vehicles have numerous tires and characteristics such as being extremely long, wide, and heavy. Driving these types of vehicles is somewhat dangerous, with many blind spots and the risk of tire blowouts. If an accident occurs, it can have a significant impact on both the economy and society. Therefore, enhancing real-time monitoring of ultra-large vehicles is particularly necessary.

Truck GPS Tracking System Price

Challenges in Truck Management:

Irregular Driving

For the transportation of ultra-heavy trucks, there are strict speed control requirements. However, some drivers lack responsibility, often speeding and driving fatigued, which greatly increases the risk of traffic accidents. The vehicles are relatively long and wide, creating large blind spots for drivers and making accidents more likely.


Numerous Tires, Difficult to Monitor

Ultra-heavy vehicles need to carry extremely heavy loads and are usually equipped with many tires. If the tire pressure is too high or too low, it can cause problems for other tires, making blowouts more likely. Real-time monitoring of tire pressure and timely warnings are very important for transportation safety.


Real-time Monitoring and Accident Retrospective

The remote management center needs to monitor operational vehicles in real-time, including location, speed, and tire pressure. In case of an accident, it should be able to review and analyze the incident through track queries and video playback.



YUWEI installs a 4G wireless video intelligent vehicle-mounted terminal kit on trucks to achieve high-precision GPS positioning, real-time audio and video dispatch, real-time fuel collection, tire pressure detection, blind spot radar detection, and warnings. This data is transmitted through 4G to the backend data monitoring cloud platform.

 Refrigerated Truck Management system

Truck GPS Tracking System Functions:

Full Monitoring: Real-time video monitoring of vehicles, with remote viewing of site conditions and historical video data. The video display dynamically switches to the corresponding position when the vehicle turns left or right, providing driving assistance to the driver. Through high-precision GPS positioning, the real-time location and current status of each vehicle can be understood. An alarm is triggered if the vehicle deviates from the preset route, and historical travel routes can be retrieved.


Tire Pressure Monitoring: Wireless tire pressure monitoring sensors are installed on all tires. Any abnormal tire pressure is promptly fed back to the driver and the backend monitoring center.


Safe Driving Assistance System: The built-in safety module of the vehicle terminal can monitor the driver's condition (DSM system), such as yawning, closing eyes, smoking, making phone calls, drinking water, and looking around. It also provides forward-looking driving assistance (ADAS system), such as forward collision warning (FCW), headway monitoring warning (HMW), and lane departure warning (LDW).


Vehicle Driving Status Detection: The vehicle terminal's unique GSensor algorithm detects dynamic driving behavior, such as rapid acceleration, sudden braking, sharp turns, and rollover collision detection alarms.


Blind Spot Detection: High-precision radar sensors can be installed on the right and rear sides of the vehicle for blind spot detection and warnings, reducing the risk of traffic accidents.


Refined Fuel Management: Transparent display of the entire fuel consumption process, timely alerts for abnormal consumption, theft prevention, and output of fuel consumption reports and mileage data.


Voice Prompts: A TTS voice broadcaster installed in the vehicle allows for timely dispatch information to be sent remotely and played in real-time. The vehicle will automatically play warnings when an alert is triggered.


Data Statistics: Attendance reports, operation reports, and alarm reports.


Truck GPS Tracking System Price:

A single onboard camera is priced at $25, the AI Dash Cam costs $180, and the onboard hard drive recorder costs $180. It supports GPS, 4G, Wi-Fi, ADAS, DSM, HOD, and other functions.

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