Vehicle Tracking System with Camera

Date Time: February 25, 2024
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Fleet Dash Cam with GPS Tracking: Exonerate Your Drivers and Run a Safer, More Productive Fleet


Vehicle Tracking System with Camera

Not Just a Dashcam!

YUWEI’s front-facing/driver-side dash cams with GPS tracking provide unparalleled visibility into your fleet.


Exonerate Your Drivers

Review accident footage immediately after incidents for evidence in conflicting road event reports.


Prevent Distracted Driving

Ensure driver safety by confirming seat belt use and attentive driving.


Dash Cam with GPS Tracking

Features GPS data reporting, speeding/braking alerts, and geofencing in addition to video.


Instant Access to Driver Footage

Easily access video and GPS data for actionable fleet insights.


Vehicle Tracking System

Access Footage History

Where video meets GPS fleet management for enhanced safety.


Protect Your Drivers Against Claims

Reduce disputed claims from 40% to 2%.


Improve Safety with Driver Snapshots

Confirm adherence to safety protocols.


No More Messing with SD Cards!

Automatic upload of critical events and GPS data via cloud connectivity.


Integrate Our Dash Cams with Your GPS Provider

Seamless integration for comprehensive fleet management.


A Simple and Intuitive User Experience

Effortlessly access driver footage by driver, trip, date, and time.


Lower Accident Costs

Dramatically reduce accident-related expenses with video evidence.


Live Streaming AI Cameras

For unprecedented insight into fleet operations.


Reduce Fleet Costs

Proactively minimize expenses with centralized data and predictive reports.


Lower Your Insurance Premiums

Up to a 10% reduction in premiums with our fleet management devices.


Full Visibility with Fleet Dash Cameras

Capture the entire scene, inside and out, for comprehensive insight.


Cloud-Based Fleet Dash Camera Systems

Seamlessly integrated API for centralized data collection and oversight.


Fleet Management 2.0

Real-time insights for improved efficiency and safety.


Protect Your Drivers Against Accident Claims

Reduce disputed claims and safeguard your fleet.


Visual Driver Alerts

Identify risky driving behavior in real-time.


Vehicle Trail Camera Footage

Pull snapshots from any point during a trip.


Cost Reduction

Save on expenses and improve driver safety.


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