4 Channel Mobile DVR Sale

4 Channel Mobile DVR Wholesale sale

Date Time: March 07, 2024
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4 Channel Mobile DVR Sale

China YUWEI Car Terminal F4 integrates 4G communication, GPS positioning, ADAS advanced driving assistance system, DMS driver camera system, supports 8-channel audio and video recording, SD card and hard disk storage, driving data recording, bidirectional calls initiated by the monitoring end, real-time monitoring and other functions.

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Mobile DVR Features


Integrated ADAS advanced driving assistance system, DMS driver monitoring system, BSD blind spot monitoring system

High-definition video recording

Supports 8 channels of 720P (1280*720) or 1080P (1920*1080)

Real-time location monitoring

Report latitude, longitude, speed, and other information according to the set return time interval

Large storage capacity

Can simultaneously support 1 2.5-inch hard disk and 1 SD card for cyclic storage

Built-in driving recorder

Built-in driving recorder, also known as the car "black box". Provides important basis for accident liability determination

Rich expansion interfaces

Pass-through port for connecting peripherals such as oil rods, advertising screens, meters, roof lights, and safety modules via wired connection

Data security

In case of disk failure or vehicle collision, upload the video to the cloud about 10 seconds before the failure occurs to ensure that important videos are not lost

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Mobile DVR Specifications

Widely used in taxi fleets, online car-hailing services, small trucks, construction vehicles, etc.

YUWEI is a manufacturer of 4 Channel Mobile DVR, with a factory located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China. It is a top supplier of vehicle-mounted monitoring systems in China. Contact us for a quote: hello@yuweitek.com"

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